KAUNAS PHOTO festival 09-07 | Exhibitions opening

On 7th of September KAUNAS PHOTO festival opened several exhibitions and invited to the KAUNAS PHOTO NIGHT-photography projections night. 4 pm Exhibition opened at Lithuanian Museum of Education History (Vytauto pr. 52). Öncü Hrant Gültekin (Turkey/Germany) “Stolen Armenian Cemeteries”, Michał Adamski (Poland) “Close to the ground, far from heaven” in presence of artist. Exhibition o display till October 12. Working […]

15th KAUNAS PHOTO festival announces program and invites to “Comfort Zone”

The main program of the 15th KAUNAS PHOTO festival will start on 1st of September with works of close to 40 artists, exhibitions in 8 museums, galleries, 4 open air spaces and almost 30 free events. Thematically, the festival explores “Comfort Zone” and its margins. KAUNAS PHOTO Open Call was a huge success, bringing about 300 proposals of photographers […]

KAUNAS PHOTO festival 09-22 Caffeine Friday Night

On 22 of September, at caffee “Caffeine” (Laisvės av. 72) KAUNAS PHOTO organised the photography projection night. The theme of projections “Joys of water”. The works on display: Romualdas Požerskis (Lithuania) “Hot summer”, Natalie Grono (Australia) “Sea Dreaming”, Russ Flatt (New Zealand) “Take Me to the River”, Jussi Puikkonen (Finland) “Sauna Folk”, Julia Baier (Germany) “Water […]

KAUNAS PHOTO festival 09-08 artist talk & KAUNAS PHOTO FRIDAY NIGHT

On 8 of September, afternoon, at Kaunas department of State Tax Inspectorate (Juozapavičiaus prospektas street 57) we discussed about the financial heavens. Ligita Brazlauskienė the director of Kaunas department of Control, State Tax Inspectorate, Valdemaras Katkus independent financial analyst and Paolo Woods the author of photography series “The Heavens. Annual Report” were present.   

KAUNAS PHOTO festival 09-04/09-05 Nida

On 4-5 of September KAUNAS PHOTO festival took a place in Nida. International Photography Symposium. At the Nida’s Art Colony were seaside portfolio reviews; at “Agila” cultural center – announcment of portfolio reviews winner; at caffe “Zuikio daržas” – KAUNAS PHOTO NIGHT – photography prohections.

KAUNAS PHOTO festival 09-01 – opening day

On 1 of September KAUNAS PHOTO festival invited to the openining weekend and opend 6 new exhibitions in Kaunas Old Town. After the openings KAUNAS PHOTO invites for the photography projection night under the open sky. 


On 1st of September, at 9pm, 14th KAUNAS PHOTO festival invites to KAUNAS PHOTO NIGHT. KAUNAS PHOTO NIGHT – photography projection under the open sky. Amphitheatre of Kaunas Castle (Papilio str.). Gideon Mendel(UK) “Drowning World”, KAUNAS PHOTO TOP 16, Poland Photography.