KAUNAS PHOTO 2019. Sidewalk talk: Intellectuals’ Roads in Lithuania

On September 17, 2019, KAUNAS PHOTO festival invited everyone to “Sidewalk talk: Intellectuals’ Roads in Lithuania” – the meeting with the authors Viktoras Bachmetjevas and Vilius Dranseika next to their outdoor exhibition at Emmanuel Levinas square (V. Putvinskio St. 22, at the foot of Žaliakalnis Funicular).

“Intellectuals’ roads in Lithuania” by V. Bachmetjevas and V. Dranseika is a collection of images from google maps of the roads and streets baptized by the names of philosophers. This project emerged as a goal and an opportunity to see what is the role of an intellectual in a society.

Viktoras Bachmetjevas is a philosopher, associate professor of VMU Department of Philosophy. Bachmetjevas is engaged in the research of modern ethics, he is particularly interested in the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas and Søren Kierkegaard. Bachmetjevas is one of the conceivers and initiators of the idea to name the area neighboring Žaliakalnis funicular after Emmanuel Levinas. In 2015, it was officiallynamed E. Levinas square.

Vilius Dranseika, who contributed to the implementation of the exhibition, is a philosopher engaged in the study and promotion of moral psychology and experimental philosophy, lecturer at Vilnius University.

KAUNAS PHOTO 2019 outdoor exhibitions are on display until October 31.

KAUNAS PHOTO in Kybartai: Polish photographer’s exhibition in the land of his ancestors

On the 8th June 2019, commemorating the 100th anniversary of Kybartai municipality, KAUNAS PHOTO festival opens the premiere of Mariusz Forecki’s photography exhibition. Polish photographer-documentalist of Lithuanian origin has created this work during his art residencies in Kybartai. The exhibition “Neighbors I Could Not Know” will be displayed in the open air at the churchyard of the Catholic Church of the Eucharistic Saviour in Kybartai. A projection of photographs by M.Forecki will take place at the peak of the celebration, at 23:00 in I. Levitano square, which the photographer will inaugurate with the emotive exile history of his Klimai family from Stanaičiai village. The exhibition will be open throughout June.

Mariusz Forecki is known as a documentary photographer of Poland’s period of liberation and freedom. His series of photographs about Kybartai did not come by chance. Firstly, M.Forecki is a socially sensitive photographer, so borders is one of the important topics that he has been looking at for over a decade. Born in 1962 in Poznan (Poland), the photographer has Lithuanian roots. His mother, Prakseda Klimaitė, comes from Stanaičiai village located in Kybartai district. In 1944 the Klimai family, like many border residents, was deported to Germany for labor, but after capitulation was given permission to return to Lithuania. Due to the risk of deportation to Siberia or other repressions, the Klimai family stopped in Poland, where they began to develop a new life. The attraction to Lithuania has chased Mariusz throughout his life. After becoming a photographer, he has been visiting post-Soviet areas that were facing change and upheaval, and was one of the few foreign photographers working in Vilnius and Lithuanian Parliament during the January Events in 1991.

Mariusz Forecki “Neighbors I Could Not Know”

KAUNAS PHOTO festival annually presents the works of Lithuanian-origin photographers and invites them to art residencies in Lithuania. Thanks to the efforts of the Festival and Kybartai community, M.Forecki visited his mother’s homeland for four times. He was given the opportunity to observe the life of Kybartai up close and take pictures of the famous Kybartai Wind Orchestra, different local celebrations – from weddings to Halloween, cross-border activities, gray and colored Kybartai everyday life, its people. After the first visit to Kybartai, the photographer sent an emotional message to Mindaugas Kavaliauskas, the curator of the festival: “Look at this photo – it’s my land!”.

Mariusz Forecki “Neighbors I Could Not Know”. The land that belonged to Klimai family

The exhibition in Kybartai will feature several dozens of photographs, and on the projection night the author will introduce the public to the photographic work he created during his multiple short-term art residencies in Kybartai region. The residencies were organized by KAUNAS PHOTO festival and Kybartai community.

Lithuanian public is already familiar with M.Forecki’s photography. In 2014, KAUNAS PHOTO presented M.Forecki’s exhibition “Lithuania. January 1991” at the Seimas of Lithuania. In 2016, in the context of “New Urban Narratives” project, he documented Kaunas Savanorių Avenue with other European photographers. This work was displayed at the Town Hall square of Kaunas in the form of a luminous installation.

KAUNAS PHOTO is the longest-running annual photo art festival in the Baltic States, since 2004, taking place every September in the second-largest Lithuanian town of Kaunas. The festival is organized by NGO “Šviesos raštas”. KAUNAS PHOTO festival’s major sponsors are the Lithuanian Council for Culture and Kaunas City Municipality. Partners of KAUNAS PHOTO programme in Kybartai: Kybartai community and Kybartai Eldership of Vilkaviškis District Municipality. Mariusz Forecki residencies and exhibitions in Kybartai were supported by the Polish Institute in Vilnius.

KAUNAS PHOTO festival 10-07 | Presentation of “Migration” by Anup Shah (UK) at Lithuanian Zoo Garden

On 7th of October, Lithuanian Zoo Garden celebrated the World Wildlife Day. This is why KAUNAS PHOTO festival presented exhibition “Migration” by Anup Shah (UK) for the visitors. Exhibition at the Lithuanian Zoo Garden on display till 31st of October.

KAUNAS PHOTO festival 09-21 | Guided tour at the outdoor exhibitions

On 21st of September KAUNAS PHOTO festival invited for the walk throught outdoor exhibitions. Eglė Tamulynienė the coordinator of the festival presented exhibition at Chechnya Square (P. Lukšio str.)  “Blueprints, our home is the reflection of ourselves” by Joana P Cardozo (US); and the exhibition at Kalniečiai park (next to Savanoriai pr.) “The Last Stand” by David Ellingsen (Canada).


Visit exhibitions by bicycle, scooter or trolley

On 21st of September, Friday, at 2 pm. KAUNAS PHOTO festival invites to guided tour of outdoor exhibitions at Chechnya Square (P. Lukšio str.) and Kalniečiai park. The exibitions will be visited by foot, by bicycle, by scooter or trolley. All are welcome. This idea is dedicated to commemorate the day without cars. The tour will start at Chechnya Square next to exhibition by Joana P. Cardozo.

During the tour exhibitions by Joana P. Cardozo (USA) “Blueprints, our home is the reflection of ourselves” and David Ellingsen (Canada) “The Last Stand” will be visited.

KAUNAS PHOTO invites to the tour on wheels through the outdoor exhibitions

On Friday, 21st of September, at 5 pm, the 15th KAUNAS PHOTO Festival invites you to take a walk around the exhibitions of photography, exhibited in Chechnya Square and Kalniečiai Park. Last year, the tour though the outdoor exhibitions by bicycles inspired to look for unconventional ways to visit expositions, so this year everyone is invited to ride along – with bicycles, scooters or even baby strollers for the little ones. This way, the organizers of the festival will mention the forthcoming day without a car for the second year in a row. Beginning of the event – Chechnya Square, P. Lukšio str. near the exhibition “Blueprints, our home is the reflection of ourselves” by Joana P. Cardozo (US).

© Joana P. Cardozo


The organizers of the KAUNAS PHOTO Festival will present easily accessible exhibitions even on foot to the locals. The first one to be visited is the series of photo photographs by American photographer Joana P. Cardozo “Blueprints our home is the reflection of ourselves”. Visitors will be invited to identify household items and discover their own image. Next, the tour continues to the renovated Kalniečiai Park, where just a few days ago another exhibition has risen – “The Last Stand” by Canadian photographer David Ellingsen. The photographs of the forest with the prominent stumps will invite to discuss very sensitive topic – forest cutting.

© David Ellingsen

The 15th KAUNAS PHOTO is also exhibiting in four other outdoor places: at the foot of the Žaliakalnis hill funicular, Robert Dash (US) presents a series of works “Micro climate change”; Anup Shah (UK) photographic “Migration” exhibited near the giraffes in the Lithuanian zoo; Exposition “Silver Garden” by Emilija Petrauskienė (Lithuania) at VMU Botanical Garden; In the courtyard at the 57 Juozapavičius prospect, a new photo exhibition by Ole Witt (Germany) – “Help Desk – Random Acts of Administration”, will touch on the topic of India’s bureaucracy insanity.

© Ole Witt

Exhibitions of the festival are open until October 31.

Major sponsors: Lithuanian Council for CultureKaunas City Municipality. Sponsors: EPSON


Exhibition opening / “Silver Garden” by Emilija Petrauskienė

On July 13th at 5:30 PM the exhibition „Silver Garden” by Emilija Petrauskienė will take place in the VDU Botanical garden. The author of exhibition will attend and answer the questions of audience during the opening.

Please

KAUNAS PHOTO exhibitions under the open sky: between daily routine and being

The XVth KAUNAS PHOTO festival, which will start in the beginning of September, now gives to the Kaunas’ citizens and guests the outdoor exhibitions that is on display during the summer till the late autumn. Since 2014, the outdoor exhibitions became a tradition of KAUNAS PHOTO festival. This year’s outdoor exhibitions are on display at Chechnya square, next to the Žaliakalnis funicular, at the Lithuanian zoological garden, and in mid-July, a new exposition will appear in the VMU Botanical garden and other places.


© Joana P. Cardozo “Blueprints, our home is the reflection of ourselves”


Different and unexpected global aspects of everyday life and being are explored in the three exposition locations that are already in place. A series of works by New Zealand-based Brazilian artist Joana P. Cardozo “Blueprints, our home is the reflection of ourselves” is on display at Chechnya square. A silent piano, high heels in the walking-in closet, faded dead flowers still releasing a sweet smell, toys fighting each other in the basement, incense, lace and Saints, these photographs depict the shades of things in the house. In this way, the artist reveals the individuality of the subjects. Completed images are unusual shapes similar to architectural house plans. Although the portraits created by a photographer do not accurately represent the subjects, they are reflections of each person, inverse projection, negative of original. This exhibition features the accent of global Lithuania – one of the “Blueprints” portrays the Garbaliauskas family portrait, whose history is marked by a trip from Lithuania through Australia, Canada, and Brazil to the United States.


© Robert Dash “Micro climate change”


Next to the Žaliakalnis funicular, photographs “Micro climate change” by the American photographer Robert Dash are settled down. This series is a natural response to climate change, seen on a micro scale. Photographs show details of refined flora and fauna, mystery, power and vulnerability. The photographer reveals a surrealistic conversation of plant leaves, seeds and the most detailed details.


© Anup Shah “Migration”


In the Lithuanian zoological garden, near the giraffes’ – in the series of Anup Shah, “Migration”, is a much unexpected angle of exotic animals. By the dynamic sward of wildlife migration the author mentions the human desire and motivation to survive.

The opening events of the 15th KAUNAS PHOTO festival will take place on September 1st and 7th, and the events will continue until mid-October.

KAUNAS PHOTO is the longest-running annual international photo art festival in Lithuania and the Baltic States. Since its first edition in 2004, it’s been organised by the NGO „Šviesos raštas“ and is regarded to be one of the most important continuous art events in the country. KAUNAS PHOTO is a member of „Festivals of Light“ organisation. The founder and the director of the festival is Mindaugas Kavaliauskas.

KAUNAS PHOTO is supported by Lithuanian Culture Council, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, Kaunas City Municipality, EPSON.

KAUNAS PHOTO comes to zoo: artistic education for visitors and giraffes

2018 Sunday, July 1, at 2 pm KAUNAS PHOTO festival will present Anup Shah exhibition “Migrations” at the Lithuanian Zoo in Kaunas. The 15th Photographic Festival invites you to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Lithuanian Zoo. Anup Shah, from an extremely close and intimate distance, looks at African animals and discusses migration and the desire of a natural person to survive. The exhibition will be opened until October 28 in 2018, near giraffes under the open sky.

According to photographer Anup Shah, the main human desire is to survive. Often survival involves changing the living environment. Author wondered: Is there a parallel world to the human-centric world we have created where migration takes place as a matter of course? Does that primeval urge residing in wild minds help us to see the more complex human motivation to move in a different way? The photographer have known the land called Mara for a long period of time during which I have grown to love it and to feel for its wild animals. Here, wild animals routinely migrate in search of water and food. Using a close, intimate point of view as well as a consistent format, he waited and waited for the key moments. “I determined to frame my response as a visual series hoping to show motion in survival.” – says Anup Shah. This risky body of work, which had heavy investment and three years of commitment to get it right, is a visual attempt at migration in a wild habitat inviting us to re-examine, even revise, our own urges to move to pastures anew. The director of KAUNAS PHOTO festival Mindaugas Kavaliauskas is joking that this exhibition of photography will not only extend the Kaunas Zoological Garden, but also giraffe, who will observe the exposition as if from a party, will introduce the tribal people in Africa.

Anup Shah received a call from the National Geographic that most photographers dream of, for his first assignment for the magazine in 2001. This was followed by seven more assignments and then publication of three photography driven books for the New York art publisher, Abrams. By now Anup had got fascinated by Fine Art photography and wondered if he could hit the sweet spot between documentary and fine art photography. His latest project, published in book form “The Mara” is an attempt to have the viewer feel what it is like to feel intimate with wild animals and thereby feel a primeval connection. Anup was featured in The World’s Top Wildlife Photographers book (Rotovision 2004) and in Horzu magazine (February 2010) as one of the five best wildlife photographers in the world. He is also one of the 10 ‘Masters’ featured in the book Masters of Nature Photography (Natural History Museum September 2013). Anup has exhibited solo at venues such as Visa Pour l’Image (Perpignan, France), Umbria World Festival (Italy), Konica-Minolta Gallery (Tokyo), Serendipity Arts Festival, Goa (India) and was part of group exhibition at The Natural History Museum (London).

The exhibition is opened every day from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. (cash desks are open until 18:00).
The exposition is located in the Lithuanian Zoological Garden, near the giraffes. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to purchase a zoo visitor ticket, thus contributing to animal welfare. (Ticket prices: for adults € 5, children € 3, children under 5 years old – free of charge.)

Organizer of the exhibition: KAUNAS PHOTO festival, partner: The Lithuanian Zoo. Sponsors of KAUNAS PHOTO festival: Lithuanian Culture Council, Kaunas City Municipality, Epson.

KAUNAS PHOTO festivalis kviečia į turą po parodas dviračiais

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Rugsėjo 13 d., trečiadienį, 18 val., XIV-asis KAUNAS PHOTO festivalis, kuris savo programoje tyrinėja vandens temą, kauniečius ir miesto svečius kviečia į turą po festivalio lauko parodas dviračiais. Susitikimo ir turo pradžios vieta – skveras prie Kauno apskrities valstybinės mokesčių inspekcijos (Juozapavičiaus pr. 57), kuriame eksponuojama autorių Paolo Woods ir Gabriele Galimberti paroda „Rojai. Metinė ataskaita“. Turą po lauko parodas dviračiai ves Lietuvos dviratininkų bendrijos narys-gidas Linas Vainius ir parodų kuratorius Mindaugas Kavaliauskas. Renginys nemokamas ir atviras visiems.

Todd Johnson (Australija) “Fosilijos”, Žaliakalnio funikulieriaus papėdė

Turo po lauko parodas dviračiais koncepciją įkvėpė XIV-ojo KAUNAS PHOTO tema – „Vanduo“. Festivalio parodose vandens motyvas atskleidžiamas ne tik per humoro prizmę, bet taip pat akcentuojamos vis opesnėmis tampančios ekologijos, klimato kaitos problemos. Todėl festivalio organizatoriai kviečia nors kelioms valandoms automobilius iškeisti į dviračius ir tokiu būdu nors maža dalimi prisidėti prie gamtos puoselėjimo.

Linas Vainius ir Mindaugas Kavaliauskas miestiečius išsamiai supažindins su trejomis KAUNAS PHOTO festivalio lauko parodomis: Paolo Woods (Hiatis) ir Gabriele Galimberti (Italija) „Rojai. Metinė ataskaita“, skveras Juozapavičiaus pr. 57; australo Todd Johnson „Fosilijos“, Žaliakalnio funikulieriaus papėdė, V. Putvinskio g. ir Katerina Mistal (Švedija) „Europos žymėjimas“, aikštė prie Kauno pilies.

XIV-asis KAUNAS PHOTO festivalis taip pat kviečia aplankyti Bertos Tilmantaitės parodą „Iš vandens“ eksponuojamą Čečėnijos aikštėje. Nuo rugsėjo vidurio Kauno miesto centre, ant buvusio „Merkurijaus“ tvoros nuguls festivalio meninių rezidencijų autorių: Andreas Müller-Pohle (Vokietija), Dorota Dawidowicz (Lenkija), Jari Silomäki (Suomija) Kaune sukurti fotografijų darbai.

KAUNAS PHOTO festivalio lauko parodos veiks iki spalio pabaigos, o paroda ant „Merkurijaus“ tvoros – iki kitų metų kovo mėn.