A piece of KAUNAS PHOTO festival is traveling to Open House Vilnius

In 2017, KAUNAS PHOTO festival explored the theme of water and organised a group exhibition “Beach Season”. The three-part exhibition surprised the visitors with spectacular and large-format works and their presentation forms, as well as unexpected twists and turns of the beach scenes. Beach loungers were made especially for the showwith the works of the featured artists, and the closing of the exhibition culminated with a performance “The Closing of the Beach Season” by the AURA Dance Theatre with performers dancing at the exhibition among the loungers.

This Sunday, July 4th, a part of the festival KAUNAS PHOTO—beach loungers with works by Massimo Vitali (Italy), Tadao Cern (Lithuania), Berta Tilmantaitė (Lithuania), Kirill Golovchenko (Ukraine-Germany), Marton Kallai (Hungary), Emily Wabitsch (Germany)—is travelling together with the performance of AURA Dance Theatre to the Open House Vilnius!