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Mysteries – Secrets – Illusions

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In 2007, KAUNAS PHOTO DAYS gets a shorter version of the name – KAUNAS PHOTO ’07 enjoying the secure support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania and suggesting largest artistic program ever – over 100 photographers from around the world in private and group exhibitions, workshops and presentations and slide-shows. Another novelty – a competition for KAUNAS PHOTO Grand Prix. Thirdly, KAUNAS PHOTO produced a spring edition by placing three photo exhibitions of the Guest county – Georgia, with seven distinctive photographers of the new emerging Post-Soviet country. The Fourth important step in KAUNAS PHOTO development is its membership in the organization of Festivals of Light. Moreover, KAUNAS PHOTO ended up in late autumn with a big self-produced exhibition “Mysteries-Secrets-Illusions”, summarizing the theme of the KAUNAS PHOTO 07 at the National M.K.Čiurlionis Museum, Kaunas Picture Gallery. The exhibition included 70 artist from numerous countries.

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The opening of the main edition of KAUNAS PHOTO 07 in September featured presentations of three laureates of Kaunas Photo’07 – Austrian Grand Prix winner Reiner Riedler with his “Fake Holidays”, Italian Marco Ambrosi & Monica Dengo and Australian Graham Miller with his “Suburban Melancholy”. Simultaneous presence of KAUNAS PHOTO 07 award winners from Austria and Australia produced an Austro-Australian Night of Photography at Vytautas Magnus University night club. The Introductory series of exhibitions complemented by works of artists to have received special mentions of KAUNAS PHOTO Jury: Serbian Katarina Radovic, Canadian Jean-François Bérubé and a rising star of Lithuanian photography Vidas Biveinis.

KAUNAS PHOTO 07 also honored celebrities of the international photographic scene. Pawel Zak (Poland), presented his famous series “My Close Acquaintance”. Alnis Stakle (Latvia) exhibited his new work – “Living Space Daugavpils” at “F gallery” and Toshiki Ozawa (Japan) disclosed his long-term project about Lithuania at “Fujifilm gallery”.

Aside from the exhibitions there are workshops held by visiting guests. The traditional highlight events – Nights of Photography – reminded viewers that photography was alive not only in daylight, but also in trendy city pubs, illuminated by music and the colours of the night. There will also be portfolio reviews and an exhibition of the students and graduates from the visiting schools of photography – Ostkreuzschule (Berlin, Germany) and Studio Marangoni (Florence, Italy).

07_1026-KP07-sba Kaunas 029-kvadr
“SBA Ideas For Home”, 2007


Another initiative for this event is the “SBA Ideas For Home”, where over 300 photos will be exhibited. Every year KAUNAS PHOTO has been introducing a new means of dialogue between photography and the audience. This time the festival places photographic pictures as main accents of interior. Art photographs will become not only as an essential interior elements, but objects to purchase for collectors and those willing to top their home interiors by adding a point of originality.

071018-29-Kaunas Photo_Paveikslu galerija
“Secrets, Mysteries and Illusions”, Kaunas Picture Gallery, National M. K. Čiurlionis Museum, 2007

The decisive KAUNAS PHOTO 07 exhibition “Secrets, Mysteries and Illusions” will open on 18 October in Kaunas Picture Gallery, National M. K. Čiurlionis Museum. The works of over 70 artists will give viewers the chance to discover the mysterious, colorful, decorative and social world of the 21st century.

Spring edition

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Guest country – Georgian Photography, collective exhibition:
Levan Kherkheulidze, Sophio Medoidze, Natela Grigalashvili, Ira Kurmaeva, Guram Tsibikhashvili, Irina Abjandadze, Yuri Mechitov (Curators: Natia Tsulukidze, Mindaugas Kavaliauskas)

Personal exhibition:
André Siegfried Wagner (Germany)

Autumn edition

07_0927-Kp07-PFU meet Kaunas 086
Photo festival union meeting, 2007

Personal exhibitions:
Reiner Riedler (KP 07 Grand Prix Winner, Austria), Graham Miller (KP 07 Grand Prix Special Award, Australia), Marco Ambrosi and Monica Dengo (KP 07 Grand Prix Special Award, Italy), Vidas Biveinis (KP 07 Grand Prix Special Mention, Lithuania), Katarina Radovic (KP 07 Grand Prix Special Mention, Serbia), Jean-François Bérubé (Canada), Pawel Zak (Poland), Andrei Liankevich (Belarus), Toshiki Ozawa (Japan), Alnis Stakle (Latvia), Laimonas Jazukevičius (Lithuania).

Guest Schools of Photography – collective exhibitions:
Ostkreuzschule (Berlin, Germany, curator: Ute Mahler)
Fondazione Studio Marangoni (Florence, Italy, curator: Alessandra Capodacqua)

Late autumn edition – Collective exhibition:
Alfredas Simonavičius, Algis Griškevičius, Alnis Stakle, André Wagner, Andrei Liankevich, Ane Lan, Angela Svoronou, Anja Bohnhof, Anke Van Iersel, Astrid Elisabeth Bang, Beverley Carruthers, Bjorn Sterri, Brad Temkin, Brigitte Tast, Charlotte Lybeer, Christoph Burtscher, Claudio Gobbi, Daniel Challe, Dara Mc‘grath, Darius Jurevičius, Darius Kuzmickas, Dave Anderson, Ekaterina Bubnova, Eva Mayer, Filippo Del Vita, Francesco Gnot, Fred Lebain, Gerlinde Miesenböck, Graham Miller, Greg Daville, Harri Pälviranta, Ines D’orey, Irena Tamulynienė, Isabel Tallos, István Virágvölgyi, Iveta Vaivode, Jan Drik Van Der Burg, Jean-François Bérubé, Joaquin Pedrero, Katarina Radovič, Katerina Kaloudi, Laimonas Jazukevičius, Laura Berg, Leonora Bisagno, Marc Berghaus, Marco Ambrosi, Maria Arnell & Marianna Moerkoere, Maria Laura Garcia Serventi, Marla Sweeney, Matthew Sleeth, Nina Finnerud, Olga Bersan, Oliver, Paula Muhr, Pawel Žak, Regina Šulskytė, Reiner Riedler, Riccardo Mazzoni, Rita Soromenho Simoes, Rokas Pralgauskas, Schüler, Sungpil Han, Stéphane Fugier, Thomas Zika, Vidas Biveinis, Vytautas Stanionis.


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KAUNAS PHOTO festival team:

Festival director & curator Mindaugas Kavaliauskas
Coordinator Rūta Varnaitė
Technical implentation Erlendas Bartulis, Aurelijus Madzeliauskas
Design / Logo Neilas Montvilas


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