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The 10th program of KAUNAS PHOTO is built around the motive of celebration. While preparing the exhibition program we have gone through hundreds of portfolios, that we received from different continents. We have almost left out the photography of traditional, religious and ethnographic reportage and dropped the spotlight on works that mirror the way in which we have become the party lions in the past years. As a result, the festival presents works that deal with simple people in the celebration of their childhood, student life, foolishness, quest of ideals, small towns or cities, white hair, eternity, etc. We have considered important to select series of photographs that were created with lots of commitment, investment of thought and heart.

Few moments from KAUNAS PHOTO festival openings:


National M. K. Čiurlionis Art Museum, invited the fans of photography to the opening of the central festival’s exhibition on the theme of celebration at M. Žilinskas Art Gallery. The celebration continued in the old town of Kaunas at Kaunas Photography Gallery and “Meno parkas” gallery.

1st of May, Cuba #2
© Esteban Pastorino Diaz (Argentina/Spain) May First, Cuba

The main exhibition starts with longing and length (in metres) of festive marches in panoramas by Argentinian Esteban Pastorino Diaz. Silent and visually impact full invitations for party in shots of T-shirts celebrate the peaceful and cheeful urban culture. Those ready for a party, who face the interactive door-installation, become a part in “party animal shots” collection of Raimondas Pocius. Less funny, but smart is the way that Uladzimir Parfianok of Belarus uses to depict state holiday in Belarus with a safe distance of screen shots of live broadcast, allowing him to see more of the unexpected. As a young father, Hungarian Szabolcs Barakonyi looks at first celebrations of young humans, such as birthdays and kindergarten parties, emphasizing the working aspect of these celebrations. Jonas Petronis deals with the inseparable things – the celebration and the student life, overlaying the impressions with a grainy grey veil of the tipsy aftermath. Martin Guggisberg depicts the variety of Miss competitions in Switzerland, standing that the most permanent masculine celebration of all times is the feminine beauty. Serbian Katarina Radovic takes us to weddings of the European culture in Amy Stevens’ project to celebrate with a series of cakes that became a series of photographs. Belgian Nick Hannes shows the traditions in Flanders as the survivors in the swell of the pop culture. Third age dances in France in Fred Boucher’s work live the joys and disappointments of the eternal youth. Pictures on tombs, documented by Eugenia Maximova, remind us that after life, there is celebration…German Catrine Val explores woman’s capacities to celebrate its multi-functional and transformational nature. Latvian Reinis Hofmanis shows disguised players who celebrate the weekend-long shift of their lifes and identities during LARP games. A cherry on top of the festival program of KAUNAS PHOTO is a series about Cardiff night life by Maciej Dakowich, filled with fun, music, fast food and drinks. Seriously looking, these images contain the stars and gutters, the crisis and its roots in today’s civilization.

Next to the main program of exhibitions KAUNAS PHOTO 2013 festival invites to master classes with world – renowned photographers and portfolio reviews of two formats – Internet-based and face-to-face will invite photographers to embrace the opportunities to faster position their work in the world of photography.

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Kaunas Photo 13 13

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KAUNAS PHOTO 2013 festival team:

Festival director & curator Mindaugas Kavaliauskas
Co-curators Ieva Meilutė-Svinkūnienė, Donatas Stankevičius
Coordinator Rūta Šatalovaitė
Blog / News  Milda Kiaušaitė
Videography  Linas Hermanas
Photographer  Erlendas Bartulis
Exhibition architecture Donatas Stankevičius