Our century can be identified as time of accelerated lifestyle. The quest for more pleasure, cheaper goods, higher buildings, bigger profits, ever-increasing data bit rate and resolution of images, etc. enqueue us in an endless quest. “Citius, Altius, Fortius” run to a mirage-like horizon might stimulate economic growth and feed the posture of temporary satisfaction. But does it earn the currency of happiness?

What are those little ideals, attachments, resources of midnight oil in the turmoil of stressful life that keep people going? What are the things people go for with passion and commitment? What undertakings change their lives and those of others? There is a saying that there is no emptiness in human heart and soul – it needs to be busy with reaching for something or someone.

The 12th KAUNAS PHOTO festival will pursue the theme of “Pursuit”. Would the subject be pursuit of happiness or just a survival, hobby or escape from boring reality, attachment to a value or a dedication to a trend, lonesome lifestyle or run after a crowd, chase for rarities or down-to-earth hobbies, the series of photographs or works of visual art that use photography must demonstrate the human desire for spiritual, material, economic, technological, ideological ideals in the making.

Works included in the festival program will tell stories or rise discussion about intentional efforts of reaching goals of life and perseverance. “Pursuit” is a focus on journey, with a possibly visible blurry background of the destination.

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