KAUNAS PHOTO 2019 “Digital-Virtual-Real” opening day

On September 5, 2019, KAUNAS PHOTO festival kicked-off with “Digital-Virtual-Real” thematic exhibition openings.

At 5 pm the exhibition was opened in the Museum of Lithuanian Education History. The works of 2 artists are showcased in the Museum:

Diogo Maya (Portugal) “Signs of Life”
Henrik Kam (USA) “Mandalas for Planet Earth”

At 6 pm the exhibition was inaugurated at M. Žilinskas Art Gallery. The Gallery hosts the largest part of the program, featuring 10 international photographers and artists:

Hannes Wiedemann (Germany) “Grinders”
Irina Popova (Russia / The Netherlands) “The Incomplete Princess Book”
Michele Borzoni (Italy) “Workforce. Call Centers + Logistic Centers”
Travis Hodges (UK) “The Quantified Self”
Larson & Shindelman (USA) “Geolocation: #Gratitude”
Heinrich Holtgreve (Germany) “Internet as a place”
Damien Berney (Switzerland) “Scrolldown”
Dávid Biró (Hungary) “Front End”
Elizabeth Claffey (USA) “The Ordinary and the Domestic”
Nigel Dickinson (UK) “China Big Brother”

The day culminated with KAUNAS PHOTO NIGHT at 10 pm in the summer terrace “Laukas”, where projections of photographs were shown and artists participating in the festival talked about their work. 8 international artists visiting the festival presented their works: Agata Wieczorek (Poland), Paulo Simão (Portugal), Kai Löffelbein (Germany), Marko Zink (Austria), Maxime Matthys (Belgium), John Angerson (UK), Irina Popova (Russia / The Netherlands), Diogo Maia (Portugal).

The night concluded with an intriguing live-coding performance. Guoda Kaminskė and Andrius Palivonas shared their musical experiments and hypnotizing visuals accompanied by an electric guitar.

The festival’s opening events resumed the following day with portfolio reviews and “KAUNAS PHOTO STAR 2019 Finalists” exhibition openings across 5 venues in Kaunas old town. The route finished at Kaunas photography gallery with the announcement of the Winner of KAUNAS PHOTO STAR Award.

KAUNAS PHOTO’19 exhibitions can be visited from September 5 to October 6. Outdoor exhibitions are on display until October 31.