Country market, global market

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The role of photography in defining the changes of economy and globalization is growing constantly. The first edition of KAUNAS PHOTO DAYS will distinguish in observing the effect of economic changes on cultures in the perspectives of time and space. Moreover, the exhibits of KAUNAS PHOTO DAYS will pay the tribute to the Aleksandras Macijauskas and other photographers of the Lithuanian school of photography, whose influential works became a source of inspiration and tradition of the MARKET as a theme “par excellence”. The continuity of the tradition to be discovered…

The exhibitions will review the MARKETING of the „deficit”, of ideology, work, leisure, news, dreams. KAUNAS PHOTO DAYS will present shows that concentrate on the man both, as participants of the market and as its items to be hired. A special attention will be paid to the state of the “American Dream”, as a spiritual fuel of the economy and the roles of sexes in the crossroads of traditions and transitions.

Let’s go to the MARKET!

No problem if no cash in the pocket. Lithuanian MARKET is a place of communication, gossip exchange, showing off and not necessarily buying…

Authors of the exhibitions are stars or rising stars of photography from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Great Britain, France, USA and other countries.


The first edition of KAUNAS PHOTO DAYS was focusing on the theme of Market, presenting 30 personal exhibitions, highlighted by the premiere public exhibition of Ben Shahn’s (born in Kaunas, Lithuania 1897-died 1969, USA) photographs of the Great Depression. Thirty exhibitions in total, distributed in the galleries, museums, business areas, educational institutions of the center of Kaunas was a new formula of presenting photographic art.

Nordic Image: A Festival within a Festival


Photography of the countries of Northern Europe is fairly known, but diverse in themes, established on the world scene for its maturity. Sometimes it is radically contemporary or strikingly similar to the classical Lithuanian photography. The choice of exhibitions for Nordic IMAGE is set to cross the line of our expectations and break stereotypes we might have about Nordic photography, lifestyle and values.

Ismo Hölttö, 1966

NORDIC IMAGE will present the stars and the rising stars of Finnish, Swedish and Danish photography in nine exhibitions. Some of these events will be marked with more than regional importance. Three living classics of the Swedish photography Lennart Olson, Georg Oddner and Hans Hammarskold, the living members of the 10 group, will show their works “under one roof”. Intriguing “predictions” of the Lithuanian School of photography, a wonderful exhibition of Ismo Hölttö will be showed only for the second time outside Finland, after a premiere in Paris.

NORDIC IMAGE will be pleasure for those, who expect to see more that just images of North. Works of Finnish, Swedish and Danish photographers will take the audience to Mexico, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Scotland…

KAUNAS PHOTO DAYS provides a double exposure: on the fine photography and exclusive places of Kaunas: “Perkūnas” House, Jesuit House of Kaunas, Museums of Communication history, Pharmacy, Sports, the Kaunas Palace of the President of Lithuanian Republic and other places.




NORDIC IMAGE is generously supported by – Nordic Cultural Fund.

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Festival director & curator Mindaugas Kavaliauskas
Coordinator Kristina Juraitė
Technical manager Aurelijus Madzeliauskas