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The 2005 edition of KAUNAS PHOTO DAYS festival, launched the end of October 2005 was a quiet and different from the first festival in 2005. The second festival consisted of only a handful of exhibitions, a conference and several satellite events, such as exhibiting art photographs in city trolley-buses. The exhibitions were dedicated to European photography, based on KAUNAS PHOTO DAYS festival’s membership within the freshly founded Photo Festival Union of Europe. It was followed by the tribute to a late Lithuanian artist Diana Cikanavičienė, whose works were for the first time compiled in a catalog, published by KAUNAS PHOTO DAYS festival and revealing the development of her photographic work.

A lot of energy has been put to promote Lithuanian photography in partner festivals. KAUNAS PHOTO DAYS festival presented a unique combination of Father and Son photographers’ Vytautas Stanionis Sr. and Vytautas Stanionis Jr. in the founding exhibition of Photo festival Union in Lodz. The same artists were later presented within the program of BACKLIGHT 05, triennale of photography in Tampere, Finland, along with an exhibition of Diana Cikanavičienė’s works.

Group exhibition of KAUNAS PHOTO DAYS 2005:
Adrienne van Ekelen (The Netherlands), Machiel BOTMAN (The Netherlands), Bogdan KONOPKA (Poland-France), Marija PIRILÄ (Finland), Andre CEPEDA (Portugal), Sonya STANKOVA (Bulgaria), Olivo BARBIERI (Italy), Marco Citron (Itally), Vytautas Stanionis, Sr. (Lithuania)

Personal exhibition:
Diana CIKANAVIČIENĖ (1974-2004, Lithuania)


Diana Cikanaviciene-katalogas-vrs-m-500x500 1

Catalog to commemorate Diana Cikanavičienė here >>

Web site of KAUNAS PHOTO DAYS 2005 here >>


Festival director & curator Mindaugas Kavaliauskas
Technical implementation Aurelijus Madzeliauskas
International communication Sooz Berry