Turas po parodą „Pokalbiai apie Kauno mitinio žvėries buveines su… Liudu Mažyliu“

Sorry, this entry is only available in Lithuanian. 2022 m. gruodžio 21 d., trečiadienį, 18 val. Vienybės aikštėje Kaune (prie K. Donelaičio g. 60) vyks turas „Pokalbiai apie Kauno Mitinio Žvėries buveines su… Liudu Mažyliu“ po parodą „Mitinio Žvėries buveinės Kauno modernizmo fotografiniuose pjūviuose“. Jį ves Vasario 16-osios Akto originalo atradėjas, Vytauto Didžiojo universiteto garbės […]

Presentation of the exhibition “Hiding Places of the Mythical Beast in Photographic Cross-Sections of Kaunas Modernism” (photo gallery)

Moments from the presentation of the exhibition “Hiding Places of the Mythical Beast in Photographic Cross-Sections of Kaunas Modernism” that took place on Saturday, 26 November at BLC-Business Leaders Centre and was a part of “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022” official closing programme. With the participation of the artist Chirag Jindal from New […]

The last highlight of the 18th KAUNAS PHOTO Festival—memorialisation of the legendary Lithuanian photographer’s work in Ežerėlis

After completing its 18th edition in autumn 2021, the international photo art festival KAUNAS PHOTO has saved the realization of its last highlight for spring 2022. For the occasion of the possibly last edition, the festival’s founder Mindaugas Kavaliauskas conceived the idea of honouring one of the patriarchs of Lithuanian photography, Antanas Sutkus, by embellishing […]

KAUNAS PHOTO 2021. Open lecture “Humane stories in Rosa Mariniello’s portraits”

On Tuesday, 26 October 2021, KAUNAS PHOTO festival invited to an open lecture “Humane stories in Rosa Mariniello’s portraits” at KTU Photo Studio. The lecture was held by the photographer and head of KTU Photo Studio Donatas Stankevičius and the audience had an opportunity to hear the photographer herself, Rosa Mariniello (Italy), in a special […]

KAUNAS PHOTO 2021. Tour on wheels of the outdoor exhibitions—World Car-Free Day

On September 22, 2021, KAUNAS PHOTO festival held a tour on wheels of the 18th festival’s outdoor exhibitions to celebrate the World Car-Free Day. Four photography exhibitions installed under the open sky were visited during a 1h 30min and 12 km low difficulty tour. The excursions were conducted by the festival’s art director Mindaugas Kavaliauskas. […]

KAUNAS PHOTO 2021. “I Often Forget”—artist talk by Jonas Kulikauskas (Lithuania/USA)

On September 12, 2021, KAUNAS PHOTO festival held an artist talk and meeting with Jonas Kulikauskas, a USA-based artist of Lithuanian origins. Kulikauskas presented his contemporary photography project “I Often Forget” layered with themes of the Holocaust, Soviet desecration, nationalism, and diaspora, that he was developing in Lithuania at the time. Son of Lithuanian refugees, […]

KAUNAS PHOTO outdoor exhibition at Draugystės Park vandalised

We are sad to inform that on Monday, 25 October, the KAUNAS PHOTO exhibition at Draugystės Park, featuring works by Lithuanian photographer Elena Krukonytė from the series “Portrait of Early Generation Z”, was vandalized. As the structures are badly damaged, it has been decided to close the exhibition, which shortens the exhibition time by a […]

KAUNAS PHOTO 2021. “Portrait of Early Generation Z” by Elena Krukonytė (Lithuania)

On September 10, 2021, the opening of the 18th KAUNAS PHOTO festival’s outdoor exhibition “Portrait of Early Generation Z” by Elena Krukonytė (Lithuania) took place at the Draugystės park in presence of the author. The opening followed by the artist talk “The relationship with time, the environment, and self through photography” by Elena Krukonytė at […]