Results of the “3 in 1 Call”

© Norman Behrendt (Germany) from “Morning has not dawned yet” Wooden house partly renewed, Kaunas, Lithuania. September 2015

With combined energy of photography experts from France, Georgia, Estonia, Switzerland, New Zealand and Lithuania, we finally have the results of the “3 in 1 Call” from KAUNAS PHOTO 2016. Due to an equal amount of votes for two portfolios, the TOP-4 turned into TOP-5. Besides, discover the list of artists to be exhibited in the main exhibition of KAUNAS PHOTO 2016, discussing the contemporary European trends of flanerie, selected from the folioPORT for Flâneur online resource, folioPORT for Flâneur.


The TOP-5 of the “3 in 1 Call” from KAUNAS PHOTO 2016

The unfinished by Julien Lombardi (France)
Evicted by Alexis Aubin(Canada/Colombia)
La Carrera Séptima by Juan Cristobal Cobo (USA/Colombia) 
Tesverlekh by Kostas Maros(Switzerland)
Morning has not dawned yet by Norman Behrendt (Germany)


Artists selected for the main exhibition

which is a part of “Flâneur: new urban narratives” project at the M.Žilinskas Art Gallery of the National M.K.Čiurlionis Art Museum. The selection process was being developed by the three curators of KAUNAS PHOTO 2016 – Mindaugas Kavaliauskas, Leonidas Donskis and Donatas Stankevičius.

High journey by Nonnenmacher Mathieu (France)
Under by Marta Rybicka (Poland)
Pruning & Prosperity by Van der Berg/ van der Burg (The Netherlands)
System 2 by Balder Olrik (Denmark)
10th of April by Mateusz Jazwiecki Jazwiecki (Poland)
Community gardens Budapest by Marton Kallai (Hungary)
Leopard City by Christopher Mavric (Austria)
Morning has not dawned yet by Norman Behrendt (Germany)
PalmBoom by Audrius Kriauciunas (Lithuania/The Netherlands)

Boat Song by Iga Gozdowska (UK/Poland)
For tomorrow by Torsten Schumann  (Germany)
In The Flesh by Werner Mansholt (Germany)
On the Threshold by Isabelle Riviere (France)




Artists selected for other KAUNAS PHOTO 2016 exhibitions

Alexander by Michal Siarek (Poland)
Oggi è la festa di.. by Paolo Fusco (Italy)
The Urban Mangle by Mindaugas Simankevicius (Australia)
Concentration and The Eyes of Buenos Aires by Zsolt Batori (Hungary)
La Carrera Séptima by Juan Cristobal Cobo (USA/Colombia)
Mexico-Manhattan by LANDEMARD Nicolas (France)
This is the worst party I’ve ever been to by M. Scott Brauer (USA)




On June 30, a jury composed of Gintaras Česonis (Head of Kaunas Photography Gallery), Ieva Meilutė-Svinkūnienė (Head of Vitas Luckus Centre of Photography), Donatas Stankevičius (curator at KAUNAS PHOTO and at Kaunas Photography Gallery) and Mindaugas Kavaliauskas (Director of KAUNAS PHOTO festival) placed their votes for the photographers of TOP-5 of KAUNAS PHOTO STAR candidates. The jury members unanimously agreed to maintain the top position of the portfolio that received the maximum votes from the experts who reviewed all the KAUNAS PHOTO STAR candidates’ works.

KAUNAS PHOTO STAR Award Winner, who is invited to hold a solo exhibition at Kaunas Photography Gallery during KAUNAS PHOTO 2016 is…
…Julien Lombardi (France) for his work about Armenia, “The unfinished”, one picture below. For more images, click on the title with the link.


Félicitations, Julien!

See you and many other artists soon in Kaunas.