Results of the Kaunas Photo 2017 Open Call

The KAUNAS PHOTO 2017 Open Call collected a high number of quality proposals. Consequently, due to a high number of neighboring scores of the best-voted portfolios, as well as single-point steps of difference between them, the planned TOP 4 list was extended to TOP16.
Names in bold selected for exhibitions, sequence does not show actual ratings. TOP 16:
  • Barry Rosenthal (USA) – Found in Nature

  • Jorge Fuembuena (Spain) – End of Cathedrals

  • Elina Ruka (Latvia-USA) – Untitled

  • Giovanni Presutti (Italy) – Plastic islands

  • Jorma Mueller (Finland-Switzerland) – Their Souls Run Beneath

  • César Dezfuli (Spain) – Passengers

  • Justyna Mielnikiewicz (Poland-Georgia) – A Ukraine runs through it

  • Andrey Semyonov (Russia) – Invasion
  • Turi Calafato (Italy) – A day at the beach (Summer in Sicily)

  • Paivi Koskinen (Finland) – Monday

  • Mayumi Suzuki (Japan) – The Restoration Will

  • Jan Caga (Czech Republic) Danube – the Blue River
  • Tymon Markowski (Poland) – Brda

  • Yann Wang Preston (UK) – Mother River

  • Pierfrancesco Celada (Italy) – #Instagrampier, Hong Kong

  • John Trotter (USA) – Untitled

According to the initial plan, works of all TOP4 artists would be included in the festival’s program. After the extension of the list, at least 8 of the artists will have works exhibited, and one of them will find out to have been chosen as the KAUNAS PHOTO STAR Winner.
A joint team of curators of KAUNAS PHOTO festival and KAUNAS PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY has taken a decision regarding the KAUNAS PHOTO STAR 2017 Winner, whose exhibition will be held at KAUNAS PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY, with the opening on September 1, 2017.

Artists selected from the KAUNAS PHOTO 2017 Open Call for „Beach Season“ – Intro Exhibition of KAUNAS PHOTO 2017, starting on June 1 and running through September 3, 2017

  • Turi Calafato (Italy) A day at the beach(Summer in Sicily)

  • Celine Diais (France) See the sea

  • Marton Kallai (Hungary) Solotvyno – A Dream of Salt

  • Krzystof Racoń (Poland) Zakrzowek

  • Emily Wabitsch (Germany-Bangladesh) From Cox’s with Love

Artists, selected from Open Call for the Main program, starting September 1, 2017 and outdoor exhibitions, started to be held from end of May, 2017:

  • Tymon Markowski (Poland) Brda

  • John Trotter (USA) Untitled, about the Coloraro River

  • Jari Silomäki (Finland) My weather diary

  • Päivi Koskinen (Finland) Monday

  • Eugenijus Barzdžius (Lithuania) Vask

  • Jan Caga (Czech Republic) Danube River

  • Yan Preston (UK) Mother River

  • Russ Flat (New Zealand) Take Me to the River

  • Todd Johnson (Australia) Fossils

  • Matthew Moore (USA) Seascapes

  • Monsieur Kurtis (France) Light the River

  • Pierfrancesco Celada (Italy) #Instagrampier, Hong Kong

A total of 17 artists selected from the KAUNAS PHOTO 2017 Open Call via
For arrangements, above listed selected artists, will be contacted by Mid-June.

Artistic residencies will be announced on or by the end of June, together with the entire progam of the festival.

Apologies for the delay and appreciations for your patience!

Feature picture: Todd Johnson’s “Fossils”, above: exhibition of “Fossils” on the square at the foot of Žaliakalnis funicular.