KAUNAS PHOTO festival program of September 4-9

XIV KAUNAS PHOTO festival moves to Nida on the 4 – 5th of September. The festival brings seaside portfolio reviews, KAUNAS PHOTO NIGHT-photography projections and participates in photo book fair with KAUNAS PHOTO festival and NGO Šviesos raštas publications.

September 4, Monday

10am Seaside Portfolio Reviews. VDA Nida Art Colony (E. A. Jonušo str. 3, Nida). Registered participants only.

September 5, Tuesday

10am Seaside Portfolio Reviews. VDA Nida Art Colony (E. A. Jonušo str. 3, Nida). Invitation only.

9pm KAUNAS PHOTO NIGHT – photography projections. Zuikio daržas (Nidos-Smiltynės pl. 7a, Nida).

September 6, Wednesday 

1pm KAUNAS PHOTO at photo book fair presenting publications of VšĮ Šviesos raštas / KAUNAS PHOTO festival. Nidos KTIC „Agila“ (Taikos str. 4).

September 7, Thursday 

On Thursday, KAUNAS PHOTO will introduce the exhibition of Olegas Truchanas, the legend of Lithuania and Australia. Jonas Nekrašius will introduce Olegas’ life and merits, while President Valdas Adamkus will share his memories of meeting with Olegas Truchanas. Later we will discover Finnish sauna traditions photographed by the Finnish artist Jussi Puikkonen. Giedrius Bučas head of NGO Interjero erdvė will be present.

© Jussi Puikkonen

5pm Exhibition opening. Presidential library – museum of Valdas Adamkus (K. Donelaičio str. 25). Olegas Truchanas – legend of Lithuania and Australia. President Valdas Adamkus and writer Jonas Nekrašius present.

7pm Exhibition opening. Kaunas Artists’ House (V. Putvinskio str. 56). Jussi Puikkonen (Finland) “Sauna Folk”. Giedrius Bučas head of NGO “Interjero erdvė” present.

© Paolo Woods & Gabriele Galimberti

September 8, Friday

On Friday we will discuss tax heavens and in the evening enjoy KAUNAS PHOTO NIGHT. On Saturday, we will travel to the banks of Nemunas river, visiting the photographs on cultural landscape of Lithuania, Kaliningrad and Belarus.

5pm Artist talk. Square at Juozapavičiaus pr. 57. Paolo Woods (Haiti) & Gabriele Galimberti (Italy) “The Heavens”. Judita Stankienė the director of Kaunas department of State Tax Inspectorate and Valdemaras Katkus  independent financial analyst present. Exhibition on display till 31 of October.

8pm KAUNAS PHOTO Caffeine Fridays Night – photography projections (Laisvės av. 72). In projection, works from KAUNAS PHOTO 2017 Open Call, works of the attending artists Paolo Woods (Haiti), Gabriele Galimberti (Italy) and Vitus Saloshanka (Belarus/Germany).

September 9, Saturday

© Vitus Saloshanka

12pm Exhibition opening. Kaunas district museum (Pilies takas 1, Raudondvaris). Vitus Saloshanka (Belarus/Germany) “Nemunas Juorney”.

All events are free of charge.

The opening weekend of KAUNAS PHOTO festival (1-3 September)

The 14th edition of KAUNAS PHOTO festival starts it’s main programme exploring the theme of water and invites to take a walk through exhibition openings and other events during it’s opening weekend 1-3 of September. All events are free of charge!

© Romualdas Požerskis

September 1, Friday

4pm Exhibition opening. Gallery “Ars et mundus“ (A. Mapų st. 20). Mikolaj Nowacki (Poland) “Odra”. PremièreMarcin Lapczynski head of Polish institute in Vilnius present.

4.30pm Exhibition opening. Kaunas city council Vincas Kudirka public library, department of youth music and art (A. Mapų st. 18). Romualdas Požerskis (Lithuania) “Hot Summer”. Première.

5pm “Rivers” exhibition opening. Kaunas city museum, Lithuanian folk music history department (L. Zamenhofo str. 12). Federico Rios Escobar (Columbia) “FARC”, Jan Caga (Czech republic) “Danube- the Blue River”, John Trotter (USA) “No agua, No vida”, Mathieu Nonnenmacher (France) “Light the river”, Yan Wang Preston (UK) “Mother River”. Gabrielius Sužiedėlis head of Kaunas city museum present.

6pm Exhibition opening. Kaunas Photography Gallery (Vilniaus st. 2). Mayumi Suzuki (Japan) “The Restoration Will”. Gintaras Česonis head of Kaunas Photography Gallery present.

6.30pm “(Im)Personal Waters” exhibition opening. “Meno Parkas” gallery (Rotušės square 27). Matthew Moore (USA) “Seascapes”, Päivi Koskinen (Finland) “Monday”, Russ Flatt (New Zealand) “Take me to the river”, Jari Silomäki (Finland) “My weather diary”, Pierfrancesco Celada (Italy) “#Instagrampier, Hong Kong”.

7pm Outdoor exhibition opening. Katerina Mistal (Sweden) “Mapping Europe”. Square next to the Kaunas Castle (Pilies st.).

9pm KAUNAS PHOTO NIGHT – photography projection under the open sky. Amphitheatre of Kaunas Castle (Papilio str.). KAUNAS PHOTO TOP 16, Poland Photography, Gideon Mendel(UK) “Drowning World”, Matjaž Krivic (Slovenia)  “Lithium, the driving force of 21st Century”, Christian Åslund (Sweden) “Glacier comparison – Svalbard”, Paolo Woods (Haiti) & Gabriele Galimberti (Italy) “The Heavens”.



September 2, Saturday

Opening events in New Town and KAUNAS PHOTO STAR 2017 winner talk on her family tragedy caused by tsunami.

© Christian Åslund

September 2, Saturday 

1pm Exhibition opening. Lithuanian educational museum (Vytauto av. 52). Matjaz Krivic (Slovenia) “Lithium, the driving force of 21st Century”, Christian Åslund (Sweden) “Glacier comparison – Svalbard” , Gideon Mendel (UK) „Drowning World“. Vladas Lašas businessman, public figure present. Partners of the exhibition “EMP Recycling“.

2.00 pm Exhibition opening. Žaliakalnis funicular “F gallery” (Aušros str. 6). Eugenijus Barzdžius (Lithuania) “Vask”.

2.30pm Exhibition opening. Vytautas Magnus university Faculty of Humanities (V. Putvinskio str. 23). Alex Boyd (UK) “The Land of Maybe”, Christine Osinski (USA) “New York City’s Archipelago”.

3.30 pm Artist talk. Gallery “Meno parkas” (Rotušės sq. 27). Päivi Koskinen (Finland), Jari Silomäki (Finland).

5pm Artist talk. Kaunas Photography Gallery (Vilniaus str. 2) Mayumi Suzuki (Japan).



September 3, Sunday

© Jashim Salam

3.30 pm Guided tour of the exhibition “Beach season”. M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art  (Nepriklausomybės sq. 12).

4pm Closing event of goup exhibition “Beach season” including performance of Aura Dance Theatre. M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art  (Nepriklausomybės sq. 12). Massimo Vitali (Italy) beach landscapes, Kirill Golovchenko (Ukraine/Germany) “Out of the Blue”, Tadas Černiauskas (Lithuania) “Comfort Zone”, Turi Calafato (Italy) “A Day at the Beach. Summer in Sicily”, Céline Diais (France) “See the Sea”, Marton Kallai (Hungary) “Solotvyno – A Dream about Salt”, Krzysztof Racoñ (Poland) “Zakrzowek”, Berta Tilmantaitė (Lithuania) “Surfing India”, Emily Wabitsch (Germany- Bangladesh) “From Cox’s with Love”, Jashim Salam (Bangladesh) “Life beyond the Ship Graveyard” and François Marmion (France- UK) “Bloody Holiday”.


Opening events free of charge. 

01/06/2017 opening of the exhibition “Beach season”

On 1st of June, at 6:00 p.m., at the M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art  KAUNAS PHOTO festival opened exhibition – “Beach season”. On display are works by these authors: Massimo Vitali (Italy) beach landscapes, Kirill Golovchenko (Ukraine/Germany) “Out of the Blue”, Tadas Černiauskas (Lithuania) “Comfort Zone”, Turi Calafato (Italy) “A Day at the Beach. Summer in Sicily”, Céline Diais (France) “See the Sea”, Marton Kallai (Hungary) “Solotvyno – A Dream about Salt”, Krzysztof Racoñ (Poland) “Zakrzowek”, Berta Tilmantaitė (Lithuania) “Surfing India”, Emily Wabitsch (Germany- Bangladesh) “From Cox’s with Love”, Jashim Salam (Bangladesh) “Life beyond the Ship Graveyard” and François Marmion (France- UK) “Bloody Holiday”.

Curators Mindaugas Kavaliauskas, Donatas Stankevičius.

Exhibition will be on display until 3 of September.

KAUNAS PHOTO festival to open the “Beach Season”

International KAUNAS PHOTO festival kicks off it’s 14th edition on the 1st of June. The theme of the festival this year is “Water”. The reception of the introductory exhibition “Beach Season” will take place at the M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art on Thursday, 6pm. The exhibition will continue until the 3rd of September.

© Turi Calafato (Italy) “A Day at the Beach. Summer in Sicily”

„Beach Season“ presents work by eleven international artists: Massimo Vitali’s (Italy) beach landscapes, Kirill Golovchenko’s (Ukraine/Germany) “Out of the Blue”, Tadas Černiauskas‘ (Lithuania) “Comfort Zone”, Turi Calafato’s (Italy) “A Day at the Beach. Summer in Sicily”, Céline Diais’ (France) “See the Sea”, Marton Kallai’s (Hungary) “Solotvyno – A Dream about Salt”, Krzysztof Racoñ’s (Poland) “Zakrzowek”, Berta Tilmantaitė’s (Lithuania) “Surfing India”, Emily Wabitsch’s (Germany- Bangladesh) “From Cox’s with Love”, Jashim Salam’s (Bangladesh) “Life beyond the Ship Graveyard” and François Marmion’s (France- UK) “Bloody Holiday”.

© Massimo Vitali (Italy) “Untitled”

The exhibition will consist of three parts. Large format prints and creative installations will reveal diverse scenarios inspired by subjects of water and beach. Exhibition curator Mindaugas Kavaliauskas says that the architecture of the gallery perfectly conveys the change of mood throughout the exhibition’s three parts: the light one, the transitory and the dark one. The first display presents the beach as we know it: with white sand, blue sea, cheerful holiday-makers. Monumental human landscapes by the Italian master Massimo Vitali, Kirill Golovchenko’s witty beach encounters and conceptual series of Tadas Černiauskas open up colourful holiday moments as one enters the exhibition.

© Kirill Golovchenko (Ukraine/Germany) “Out of the Blue”

The second space explores the sociology of summer. Here belongs Turi Calafato’s rituals of Sicilian beaches and sun induced laziness. Céline Diais travels through urban beaches in France and observes how our need for leisure transforms cities. Marton Kallai’s series about Ukrainian salt mining town resorts combines joy and leisure with the anticipated environmental disaster. Krzysztof Racoñ tells a story about the artificial Zakrzowek lake, a popular spot with local Polish youth despite it being forbidden to swim in. Due to steep shores and uneven bottom Zakrzowek is known as a dangerous location attracting accidents and suicides.

© Marton Kallai (Hungary) “Solotvyno – A Dream about Salt”

The third section brings us back to the seaside resorts and shows us the frequently unseen aspects. Berta Tilmantaitė’s series portrays surfers in India and introduces us to the theme of work. These surfers help local fishermen with their daily toil. Emily Wabitsch photographs the beach in Bangladesh that attracts thousands of newlyweds each year. Right next to it Jashim Salam’s series shows us men in Bangladesh dismantling disused boats with their bare hands for a living. The final exhibit is François Marmion’s photographic exploration of the Kos island divided into tourist and refugee zones. Here we observe the Western privilege in the setting of the picturesque resort.

© François Marmion (France- UK) “Bloody Holiday”

The main events and exhibitions of the 14th KAUNAS PHOTO festival will take place in Kaunas in the first week of September and will continue until mid October.

KAUNAS PHOTO is the longest- running annual photography festival in Lithuania and the Baltic States. It is organised by the NGO „Šviesos raštas“ since 2004. KAUNAS PHOTO is one of the most important annual art events in the country. KAUNAS PHOTO is a member of Festival Of Light organisation.

Main sponsors: Lithuanian Culture Cuncil, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, Kaunas city council.

Patron of the festival is President Valdas Adamkus.

07/09/2016 opening of exhibition “Via Latina”

On 7 of September, at 6:00 p.m., at “Juzė” (Savanorių pr. 225, Kaunas) KAUNAS PHOTO festival opened exhibition – “Via Latina”. On display are works by these authors: Zsolt Batori (Hungary), Nicolas Landemard (France), Lara Ciarabellini (Italy), Azahara Gomez (Spain), Juan Cristobal Cobo (Columbia/US), Jaime Permuth (Guatemala/US).

Curator of the exhibition “Via Latina”: Mindaugas Kavaliauskas.

Exhibition will be on display until 30 of September.

Exhibition opening “With whom do I have a pleasure”? by Charlis Simokaitis (US)

On 9 of September, Friday, at 5 PM., at Raudondvaris cultural centre (Instituto str. 1 A, Raudondvaris) will be the opening of the exhibition “With whom do I have a pleasure?” by Charlie Simokaitis (US).

Exhibition on display until 30 of September.

Working hours: I – V 10 am. – 8 PM., VI – VII – closed.

Exhibition “Via Latina”

On 7 of September, Wednesday, at 6 PM, at Savanorių pr. 225, which locals called “Juzė” will be the opening of exhibition “Via Latina”. Curator Mindaugas Kavaliauskas. This exhibition presents different photography series created by six authors: Zsolt Batori (Hungary) “Buenos Aires Eyes” and “Concentration”, Nicolas Landemard (France) “Mexico-Manhattan”, Lara Ciarabellini (Italy) “Envisioning Cariocas in Olympia”, Azahara Gomez (Spain) “La Playa”, Juan Cristobal Cobo (Colombia/USA) “La Carrera Séptima”, Jaime Permuth (Guatemala/USA) “Before the eclipse”.

At the opening the food will be provided by food-truck “Voyager“.

Music by Skirmantas Galinis.

Exhibition on display until 30 of September.

Working hours: VII -I closed, II – VI 2 – 7 pm.

“This is the worst party I’ve ever been to” by M. Scott Brauer (USA) exhibition opening

On 6 of September, Tuesday, at 4 pm., at Vytautas Magnus university, faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy (Gedimino str. 44), will be the opening of the exhibition “This is the worst party I’ve ever been to” by M. Scott Brauer (Boston, USA).

19/08/2016 exhibition opening Julien Lombardi “Unfinished” /Kaunas Photography Gallery

On 19 of August, at 6:oo p.m., at Kaunas Photography gallery, KAUNAS PHOTO festival opened an exhibition “Unfinished” created by French artist Julien Lombardi, who became KAUNAS PHOTO STAR 2o16.

Exhibition will be on display until 18  of September.