Berta Tilamtaitė Artist talk

An artist talk by Berta Tilmantaitė, known for her photographic and journalistic works and travels, will be held on 7 of June, at 5 pm., at the Park department of the Kaunas City Council Library (60 P. Lukšio street). Berta Tilmantaitė is one of the artists selected for this year’s KAUNAS PHOTO festival. Her works […]

Opening of the exhibition under water

On 1st of June, Thursday, at 8 pm., at “Girstutis pool” will be the opening of exhibition “Out of water” by Berta Tilmantaite. Photojournalist and diving expert Berta Tilmantaitė presents her series „From the Water“, that will be exhibited at the bottom of the swimming pool, as deep as 1,4- 1,9 m. under water.