15th KAUNAS PHOTO festival announces program and invites to “Comfort Zone”

The main program of the 15th KAUNAS PHOTO festival will start on 1st of September with works of close to 40 artists, exhibitions in 8 museums, galleries, 4 open air spaces and almost 30 free events. Thematically, the festival explores “Comfort Zone” and its margins. KAUNAS PHOTO Open Call was a huge success, bringing about 300 proposals of photographers from 43 countries of the world. 24 photographers’ works were selected for the KAUNAS PHOTO festival program, 2 of them carried out artist residencies in Kaunas, and other 3 photographers will undertake residencies in small towns of Lithuania in September.



September 1, Saturday

From 9 am Portfolio Reviews. Kauno Dokas (Jonavos str. 7). Registered participants only.

4:00 pm Exhibition opening. Kaunas city council Vincas Kudirka public library, department of youth music and art (A. Mapu st. 18). Andrej Vasilenko (Lithuania) “This is Vilnius”. Exhibition on display till 29th of September.
Working hours: Mon-Fri 9 am – 7 pm, Sat 10 am – 4 pm.

4:30 pm Exhibition opening. Kaunas city museum, Lithuanian folk music history department (L. Zamenhofo str. 12). Exhibition of KAUNAS PHOTO STAR 2018 Finalists. Exhibition on display till October 13.
Working hours: Tue-Fri 10 am – 6 pm, Sat 10 am – 5 pm
Ticket price 1 Eur. (event free of charge).

5:30 pm Exhibition opening. “Meno parkas” Gallery (Rotušės sq. 27.). Exhibition of KAUNAS PHOTO STAR 2018 Finalists. Exhibition on display till October 5.
Working hours: Tue-Fri 12 pm – 6:30 pm, Sat 11 am – 4 pm

© Gloria Oyarzabal (Spain) „WOMAN GO NO’GREE“

6 pm Exhibition opening and revelation of KAUNAS PHOTO STAR 2018 Winner. Kaunas Photography Gallery (Vilniaus str. 2). Exhibition on display till October 7.
Working hours: Tue-Fri 11 am – 6 pm, Sat-Sun 11 am – 5 pm

KAUNAS PHOTO STAR 2018 FinalistsKirill Golovchenko (Ukraine/Germany) “Bitter Honeydew“, Mindaugas Ažušilis (Lithuania) “Accident”, Gloria Oyarzabal (Spain) “WOMAN GO NO’GREE“, Davide Monteleone (Italy/Russia) “A New Silk Road”, Federico Estol(Uruguay) “Shine Heroes“, Hester den Boer (Netherlands) “The Gulag Heritage“, Lynné Bowman Cravens (USA) Works with different titles, Alena Grom (Ukraine) “Medium of Instruction”, Gregoire Cachemaille (Switzerland/Germany) “Subsidences“, Hannes Jung (Germany) “How Is Life?“, Laurent Muschel (France) “Haircut – From Ethiopia to Cuba”, Simon Menner (Germany) “Camouflage“.

8 pm KAUNAS PHOTO NIGHT 1. Kaunas Artists’ House (V. Putvinskio str. 56).
KAUNAS PHOTO STAR Finalists’ work preview.
Premiere of world-wide and time-freezing project curated by Jean M. Babonneau (France/Denmark) “One World-One Family” May 1998 and May 2018.

September 7, Friday

4 pm Exhibition visit to Lithuanian Museum of Education History. Öncü Hrant Gültekin (Turkey/Germany) “Stolen Armenian Cemeteries”, Michał Adamski (Poland) “Close to the ground, far from heaven” in presence of artist.

5 pm Exhibition opening. M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art (Nepriklausomybės sq. 12).

© Lina Scheynius and Ignas Šeinius (Sweden/Lithuania)

“Šeinius + Scheynius” exhibition:
Lina Scheynius and Ignas Šeinius (Sweden/Lithuania).
“Home Sweet Home” exhibition:
Alnis Stakle
 (Latvia), Evzen Sobek (Czech Republic), Rubi Lebovitch (Israel), Rebeca Cordero (Mexico), Superultraextra duo: Ewa Bold & Patryk Hadas (Poland).
Kaunas Photo Art Residency Result exhibition: Conchi Martínez (Spain) “KAUNOPOLY”;
Solo exhibition: Poike Stomps (Netherlands) „Crossing Europe“.
“Comfort Zone” exhibition:

© Haley Morris-Cafiero (USA) “Wait Watchers”

Haley Morris-Cafiero (USA) “Wait Watchers” , Vladimir Antaki (France/Canada) “Family Portrait”, Tadas Kazakevičius (Lithuania) “Soon to be Gone”, Florian Muller (Germany) “Hashtags Unplugged”, Lasse Lecklin (Finland) “The Most Beautiful Nuclear Power Plants in Europe”.

Exhibitions on display till October 13.
Working hours: Tue-Sun 11 am – 5 pm., Thu 11 am – 7 pm
Ticket price: adults 3€, students 1,5€, school children, children and pensioners – free entrance.

8 pm KAUNAS PHOTO NIGHT 2. Projections of Artist works from the KAUNAS PHOTO 2018 Open Call. Duration 45 minutes. Volfas Engelman Studija (Kaunakiemio str. 2, Kaunas).

September 8, Saturday

1 pm Artist talk. M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art (Nepriklausomybės sq. 12). Conchi Martínez (Spain) “KAUNOPOLY” and “Kaunopoly” game sessions. Everyone welcome.

September 10, Monday

5 pm Exhibition opening. Multi-functional Study and Science center of Vytautas Magnus University (V. Putvinskio str. 23). Emanuela Colombo (Italy) “Brazilka”. Exhibition on display till October 31.
Working hours: Mon-Fri 8 am – 6 pm

6 pm Exhibition opening. Presidential library – museum of Valdas Adamkus (S. Daukanto str. 25). Ieva Martinaitis (Brazil) “11000KM”.
Henrikas Gulbinas, Egidijus Aleksandravičius (Lithuania) “Expedition: Lithuanian Roads Brazil” film review.
Exhibition on display till October 31.
Working hours: Mon-Fri 10 am – 4 pm, Sat 10 am – 2 pm
KAUNAS PHOTO exhibition – free entrance.
Exposition of museum of President Valdas Adamkus ticket price: adults 2€, children, students and pensioner 1€.

September 11, Tuesday

6 pm Guided tour to “Comfort Zone” exhibition at M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art (Nepriklausomybės sq. 12) and
6:30 pm Artist talk by Haley Morris-Cafiero (USA).

September 13, Thursday

6 pm Guided tour to KAUNAS PHOTO exhibitions. M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art (Nepriklausomybės sq. 12) in presence of Vladimir Antaki (France/Canada).

© Vladimir Antaki (France/Canada) “Family Portrait”

8 pm – KAUNAS PHOTO NIGHT 3 featuring illustrated Artist talk by Vladimir Antaki (France/Canada) and projections of artist works from the KAUNAS PHOTO 2018 Open Call. Duration 70 minutes. Volfas Engelman Studija (Kaunakiemio str. 2, Kaunas). Free entrance.

September 14, Friday

4 pm Guided tour and Artist talk by Michał Adamski.  Lithuanian Museum of Education History (Vytauto pr. 52, Kaunas).

September 15, Saturday

4:30 pm KAUNAS PHOTO festival delegated exhibitions open in the festival of Les Photaumnales. Meetings with invited photographers and guided visit. Le Quadrilatère, Beauvais, France.
Tadas Kazakevičius “Soon to be Gone”
Andrej Vasilenko “This is Beauvais”, resulting work of an artist residency, provided by Les Photaumnales, artist selected during Portfo.LT 2017 by KAUNAS PHOTO.

5 pm “Proudly Shy“- presentation of Lithuanian photography 1988-2018 / Project of a film by Mindaugas Kavaliauskas. Le Quadrilatère, Beauvais, France.

September 20, Thursday

Guided tour to KAUNAS PHOTO STAR exhibition across three venues in the following order:
5 pm – Kaunas city museum, Lithuanian folk music history department (L. Zamenhofo str. 12);
5:30 pm – Kaunas Photography Gallery (Vilniaus str. 2);
6 pm – “Meno Parkas” Gallery”;
6:30 pm – Kaunas city council Vincas Kudirka public library, department of youth music and art (A. Mapu st. 18).

September 26, Wednesday

6 pm – Artist talk by Andrej Vasilenko (Lithuania). Kaunas city council Vincas Kudirka public library, department of youth music and art (A. Mapu st. 18).

September 27, Thursday

6 pm Guided tour to KAUNAS PHOTO exhibitions. M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art (Nepriklausomybės sq. 12) ending with Artist talk by Tadas Kazakevičius (Lithuania).

October 4, Thursday

6 pm Guided tour to KAUNAS PHOTO exhibitions. M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art (Nepriklausomybės sq. 12) in presence of professor Liudas Mažylis sharing insights on life and photography of Ignas Šeinius.

October 11, Thursday

6 pm – Farewell guided tour to KAUNAS PHOTO exhibitions at M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art (Nepriklausomybės sq. 12) in presence of Evžen Sobek (Czech Republic).

8 pm – KAUNAS PHOTO NIGHT 4. Artist talk by Evžen Sobek (Czech Republic) and projection of works from the KAUNAS PHOTO 2018 Open Call. Duration 70 minutes. Volfas Engelman Studija (Kaunakiemio str. 2, Kaunas). Free entrance.

All events are free except if noted otherwise.

List of exhibitions here >>

KAUNAS PHOTO is the longest-running annual international photo art festival in Lithuania and the Baltic States. Since its first edition in 2004, it’s been organised by the NGO „Šviesos raštas“ and is regarded to be one of the most important continuous art events in the country. KAUNAS PHOTO is a member of „Festivals of Light“ organisation. The founder and the director of the festival is Mindaugas Kavaliauskas.

KAUNAS PHOTO Main Sponsors: Lithuanian Council for CultureKaunas City Municipality. Sponsors: EPSONEmbassy of Sweden.

19/08/2016 exhibition opening Julien Lombardi “Unfinished” /Kaunas Photography Gallery

On 19 of August, at 6:oo p.m., at Kaunas Photography gallery, KAUNAS PHOTO festival opened an exhibition “Unfinished” created by French artist Julien Lombardi, who became KAUNAS PHOTO STAR 2o16.

Exhibition will be on display until 18  of September.



Tryliktajame KAUNAS PHOTO žibės gatvės vertė

Sorry, this entry is only available in Lithuanian.

Tryliktajame KAUNAS PHOTO žibės gatvės vertė

Mathieu Nonnenmacher (Prancūzija) High Journey
© Mathieu Nonnenmacher (Prancūzija) High Journey

Tarptautinis fotomeno festivalis „Kaunas Photo“ pradeda savo tryliktąjį sezoną, rugpjūčio 19 d., penktadienį kviesdamas į dviejų parodų atidarymus. 16:00 val., Nacionalinio M. K. Čiurlionio dailės muziejaus M. Žilinsko dailės galerijoje atidaroma pagrindinė festivalio paroda – „Gatvės vertė“. Vėliau, 18:00 val., Kauno fotografijos galerijoje vyks „Kaunas Photo Star“ konkurso laureato Julien Lombardi (Prancūzija) parodos „Neužbaigta“ atidarymas. Abi įžanginės parodos yra festivalio dalyvavimo didelio masto Europos bendradarbiavimo projekte „Flâneur – naujieji miesto naratyvai“ rezultatas. Parodas, atsidarančias fotografijos gimtadieniu laikomą rugpjūčio 19 d., lydės festivalio programos paskelbimas. Šios dvi parodos veiks iki rugsėjo 18 d.

Paroda „Gatvės vertė“, aukštinanti bodleriškąjį personažą „Flâneur“ – gatvės dykinėtoją, įžengusį į XXI amžių – tyrinėja viešosios erdvės ir gatvės fotografiją, šiandienines miesto, kaip gyvenamosios, vartojamosios ir patirčių erdvės apraiškas. Kaip rašo vienas parodos kuratorių Leonidas Donskis, flâneur dykinėtojas pasirodo kaip slaptas miesto mylėtojas; tiksliau jos/jo išgelbėtojas. Miesto pasakojimų karalystėje, senoje ir naujoje, flâneur turi tendenciją tapti flâneuse – modernia moterimi įsikūnijusia į miesto mylėtoją. Savo bučiniu ji pažadina miegantį miestą. Dykinėtojai yra linksmintojai, vujaristai, bučiuotojai, mylėtojai…tačiau yra nutolę nuo gundymo ir priekabiavimo.

Spiegelbilder eines Jungen und einer schwarz verschleierten Frau in Erbil, Kurdistan,Nordirak
© Werner Mansholt (Vokietija) In The Flesh

Parodoje pristatomi septyniolika autorių ir jų darbai: Audrius Kriaučiūnas (Nyderlandai), Balder Olrik (Danija), Christopher Mavric (Austrija), Iga Gozdowska (JK / Lenkija), Isabelle Riviere (Prancūzija), Jan Dirk van der Burg & Gijs van der Berg (Nyderlandai), Marta Rybicka (Lenkija), Marton Kallai (Vengrija), Massimo Branca (Italija), Mateusz Jaźwiecki (Lenkija), Mathieu Nonnenmacher (Prancūzija), Norman Behrendt (Vokietija), Torsten Schumann (Vokietija), Virgilio Ferreira (Portugalija), Werner Mansholt (Vokietija), Mindaugas Kavaliauskas ir Donatas Stankevičiaus (Lietuva). Paroda nustebins ne tik kontraversiškais autorių darbais, bet ir netikėtais architektūriniais sprendimais. Parodos kuratoriai Mindaugas Kavaliauskas, Donatas Stankevičius, Leonidas Donskis.

Isabelle Riviere (Prancūzija) On the Threshold
© Isabelle Riviere (Prancūzija) On the Threshold

Daugiau apie parodą čia >>

Kauno fotografijos galerijoje – šių metų KAUNAS PHOTO STAR laureato Julien Lombardi paroda „Neužbaigta“ (2012-2015). Šį darbą aukščiausiai įvertino keliolika tarptautinės reikšmės fotografijos ekspertų festivalio KAUNAS PHOTO nuotolinių peržiūrų platformoje folioPORT.eu. Paroda atskleis daugeliui nepažįstamą Armėniją – šalį, patekusią į sustojusio laiko pinkles. Pasak festivalio vadovo Mindaugo Kavaliausko, šiame ilgalaikiame projekte autoriui padėjo ne vien jo armėniškos šaknys, bet ir jo antropologo išsilavinimas, leidęs į šalį, kultūrą, žmonių viltis ir neišspręstus konfliktus pažvelgti atidžiai ir skvarbiai.

Julien Lombardi (Prancūzija)The Unfinished (1)
© Julien Lombardi (Prancūzija) The Unfinished

Daugiau apie parodą čia >>

Būdamas vienas svarbiausių meno festivalių Lietuvoje ir Kaune, „Kaunas Photo“ yra ir ilgiausiai be pertraukų rengiamas kasmetinis tarptautinis fotomeno festivalis Lietuvoje ir Baltijos šalyse.
Nuo 2004 m. festivalį organizuoja viešoji įstaiga „Šviesos raštas“.

Festivalio didieji partneriai – „Procur’Arte“ (Portugalija), Nacionalinis M.K.Čiurlionio Muziejus, Kauno fotografijos galerija. Festivalis yra pasaulinės „Festival of Light“ organizacijos narys.
Festivalio didieji rėmėjai – Lietuvos kultūros taryba, Lietuvos Respublikos kultūros ministerija, Kauno miesto savivaldybė, ES “Kūrybiška Europa”. Parodas parėmė EPSON.

Papildoma informacija:

Eglė Ročkaitė – „Kaunas Photo“ koordinatorė, tel. 8~600 31722, el. p.: festival@kaunasphoto.info


Results of the “3 in 1 Call”

© Norman Behrendt (Germany) from “Morning has not dawned yet” Wooden house partly renewed, Kaunas, Lithuania. September 2015

With combined energy of photography experts from France, Georgia, Estonia, Switzerland, New Zealand and Lithuania, we finally have the results of the “3 in 1 Call” from KAUNAS PHOTO 2016. Due to an equal amount of votes for two portfolios, the TOP-4 turned into TOP-5. Besides, discover the list of artists to be exhibited in the main exhibition of KAUNAS PHOTO 2016, discussing the contemporary European trends of flanerie, selected from the folioPORT for Flâneur online resource, folioPORT for Flâneur.


The TOP-5 of the “3 in 1 Call” from KAUNAS PHOTO 2016

The unfinished by Julien Lombardi (France)
Evicted by Alexis Aubin(Canada/Colombia)
La Carrera Séptima by Juan Cristobal Cobo (USA/Colombia) 
Tesverlekh by Kostas Maros(Switzerland)
Morning has not dawned yet by Norman Behrendt (Germany)


Artists selected for the main exhibition

which is a part of “Flâneur: new urban narratives” project at the M.Žilinskas Art Gallery of the National M.K.Čiurlionis Art Museum. The selection process was being developed by the three curators of KAUNAS PHOTO 2016 – Mindaugas Kavaliauskas, Leonidas Donskis and Donatas Stankevičius.

High journey by Nonnenmacher Mathieu (France)
Under by Marta Rybicka (Poland)
Pruning & Prosperity by Van der Berg/ van der Burg (The Netherlands)
System 2 by Balder Olrik (Denmark)
10th of April by Mateusz Jazwiecki Jazwiecki (Poland)
Community gardens Budapest by Marton Kallai (Hungary)
Leopard City by Christopher Mavric (Austria)
Morning has not dawned yet by Norman Behrendt (Germany)
PalmBoom by Audrius Kriauciunas (Lithuania/The Netherlands)

Boat Song by Iga Gozdowska (UK/Poland)
For tomorrow by Torsten Schumann  (Germany)
In The Flesh by Werner Mansholt (Germany)
On the Threshold by Isabelle Riviere (France)




Artists selected for other KAUNAS PHOTO 2016 exhibitions

Alexander by Michal Siarek (Poland)
Oggi è la festa di.. by Paolo Fusco (Italy)
The Urban Mangle by Mindaugas Simankevicius (Australia)
Concentration and The Eyes of Buenos Aires by Zsolt Batori (Hungary)
La Carrera Séptima by Juan Cristobal Cobo (USA/Colombia)
Mexico-Manhattan by LANDEMARD Nicolas (France)
This is the worst party I’ve ever been to by M. Scott Brauer (USA)




On June 30, a jury composed of Gintaras Česonis (Head of Kaunas Photography Gallery), Ieva Meilutė-Svinkūnienė (Head of Vitas Luckus Centre of Photography), Donatas Stankevičius (curator at KAUNAS PHOTO and at Kaunas Photography Gallery) and Mindaugas Kavaliauskas (Director of KAUNAS PHOTO festival) placed their votes for the photographers of TOP-5 of KAUNAS PHOTO STAR candidates. The jury members unanimously agreed to maintain the top position of the portfolio that received the maximum votes from the experts who reviewed all the KAUNAS PHOTO STAR candidates’ works.

KAUNAS PHOTO STAR Award Winner, who is invited to hold a solo exhibition at Kaunas Photography Gallery during KAUNAS PHOTO 2016 is…
…Julien Lombardi (France) for his work about Armenia, “The unfinished”, one picture below. For more images, click on the title with the link.


Félicitations, Julien!

See you and many other artists soon in Kaunas.

3 in 1 Call from KAUNAS PHOTO open until June 17

KAUNAS PHOTO festival has been a festival of premières for future stars of photography since its launch in 2004. The festival is organised every year in Kaunas, the second largest city of Lithuania. Being the longest-running photo art festival in the Baltic States, KAUNAS PHOTO is a platform for dialogue around contemporary photographic creation between North and South, East and West. While being the prime event of art photography in Lithuania, KAUNAS PHOTO does not solely focus on Lithuanian photography. Its programs and projects, such as exhibition and book “Generation ’74. 11 European Photographers born in 1974” feature a vast menu of internationally acclaimed photographers.
In 2016, KAUNAS PHOTO festival is back with an open call, offering three opportunities in one call for photographers from Europe and beyond.

1/3.Visibility of works on the database of urban photography, folioPORT for Flâneur.

folioPORT for Flâneur is a platform of call-for works for the KAUNAS PHOTO 2016, at the same time serving as a public resource of photography, related to street, urban life and public space. Once a photographer applies for participation for KAUNAS PHOTO 2016, his / her works will be visible to the international image community and researchers.

2/3. Inclusion in the KAUNAS PHOTO festival program

In 2016, the entire KAUNAS PHOTO festival adopted the topic of Flâneur: new urban narratives.
The EU co-funded project of the same title has enabled the festival to re-engineer its application platform folioPORT to match this particular purpose and its functionalities.
While photographers from all over the globe can submit their work, some parts of the KAUNAS PHOTO program will only consist of works by European photographers.
KAUNAS PHOTO 2016 events will start from June to the end of October, with the main week between September 6 and 11.

Works submitted to folioPORT for Flâneur can be selected for the following:
Outdoor exhibitions in KAUNAS PHOTO festival, presented in squares in Kaunas, running from the mid-June to October;
Exhibitions in galleries from August 19 to mid-October;
Central exhibition at M.Žilinskas Art Gallery of the National M.K.Čiurlionis Art Museum (photographers from geographical Europe), from August 19 to September 19.
KAUNAS PHOTO STAR 2016 – solo exhibition at the Kaunas Photography Gallery from August 19 to September 15.
Projection events, among them one open-air night with screens in the center and old town of Kaunas, inspired by the Nuit de l’Annee in Arles. Dates to be precised.

3/3.  KAUNAS PHOTO STAR 2016 Award

The winner of the KAUNAS PHOTO STAR 2016 title will be one of the TOP-4 photographers / artists. The TOP 4 positions will be decided by the mathematical calculation of the online votes of experts. The choice of the winner, since 2014 is done by a board of curators of KAUNAS PHOTO festival and Kaunas Photography Gallery, the host of the exhibition.
The winner receives:
– a solo exhibition at Kaunas Photography Gallery at a date proposed by the festival and the gallery,
– accommodation in Kaunas for up to 4 days at festival’s designated hotel;
– return trip allowance of up to 300 EUR, based on the travel expense proofs tickets, invoices;
– coverage of transportation or production costs of the exhibition based on mutual agreement. KAUNAS PHOTO STAR exhibitions at Kaunas Photography Gallery tend to have a site specific character, therefore, every exhibition is regarded as individual. Its implementation requires a common work between the photographer / artist and the exhibition curator and architect.

Winners of previous KAUNAS PHOTO STAR award, who have held their exhibitions at KAUNAS PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY (exhibition year follows the year of the title):


Who can submit? What works?

All photographers, artists, regardless of their age, nationality and place of residence are invited to submit work.

Theme “Flâneur: New Urban Narratives”

In 2016, photographers are invited by KAUNAS PHOTO festival to submit a series of 12-15 works on the theme Flâneur: new urban narratives.

What should the works speak about?
The subject is vast, but to be sure not to distance from it, photographers must have in mind the following:
Flâneur – could be synonymous to “street photographer”. The French noun flâneur, means “stroller”, “lounger”, “saunterer”, or “loafer”. Flânerie refers to the act of strolling, with all of its accompanying associations. Source – Wikipedia.
New – the work must be created in of after the year 2000 and deal with contemporary lifestyle. Both finished and works in progress are welcome;
Urban – the work must deal with the city, urban culture, civilization.
Narratives – the work needs to tell a visual, conceptual, documentary, story based on a phenomenon, location, person. It should reflect upon aesthetic, social, political, moral, economic or other types of issues.

Experts, Curators and their votes

A panel of invited experts will be reviewing the portfolio as soon as they are submitted for review. After the end of the submission period, based on calculation of votes for every portfolio, a list of rated portfolios from best to least well rated will be automatically generated. For certain aspects of the festival program, the expert’s votes will be of high importance.

Roles of experts votes and festival curators in selection of works for the specific parts of the KAUNAS PHOTO 2016 program:
Outdoor exhibitions – picks by the festival curators, considering the portfolio’s message, suitability to specific urban spaces, suitability for exhibition in public space, etc.
Exhibitions in galleries – festival curators’ decisions will be based on ratings and variety of urban narratives.
Central exhibition at M.Žilinskas Art Gallery of the National M.K.Čiurlionis Art Museum – festival curators’ decisions will be based on ratings and variety of urban narratives.
KAUNAS PHOTO STAR 2016 – solo exhibition at the Kaunas Photography Gallery from August 19 to September 15 – experts votes to generate TOP-4, winner’s choice by festival and gallery curators
Projection events – Picks by the festival curators.

All the photographers from the TOP-4 positions will be invited to exhibit in either outdoor, public space or the central exhibition. One will be selected for KAUNAS PHOTO STAR award.

Entry stages, fees

Stage 1 – Registration of photographer’s profile; When signing up, photographers agree with the Guidelines and Terms.

Stage 2 – Uploading of portfolio and submitting for review;

Stage 3 – Approval of the admittance of a portfolio is sent within 24 hours after submitting a portfolio. More about approval on “How It Works”.

Stage 4 – If a photographer chooses to participate in KAUNAS PHOTO STAR Competition, the entry fee of 15 EUR to be paid per every portfolio, proposed for the competition.
PayPal: festival@kaunasphoto.info
Details accompanying payment: “Name Surname_Name of the Series”.

Stage 4A – When fee transfer received, portfolio is qualified for KAUNAS PHOTO STAR.


Time table

May 18 – June 17 – Call for entries

May 25 – June 27 – experts and festival curators reviewing portfolios. 

June 17Deadline / last date to submit works until 23:59 Entrant’s local time.

June 30 – announcement of KAUNAS PHOTO STAR 2016 Winner and Participants of KAUNAS PHOTO 2016 exhibitions

June – October  – outdoor exhibitions in squares of Kaunas , featuring works of photographers, from folioPORT for Flâneur database

August 19 – September 19 – exhibitions in museums / galleries, including the main exhibition and KAUNAS PHOTO STAR Winner’s exhibition

Author’s rights and other legal aspects

While submitting works to the folioPORT for Flâneur (folioport.eu) platform for KAUNAS PHOTO festival open calls, photographers declare that they are the only owners of the economic author’s rights to the pictures submitted. They agree that the pictures submitted can be reproduced in materials and forms of artistic or media presentation of folioPORT and KAUNAS PHOTO festival, “Flâneur: new urban narratives” project outcomes, such as flyers, invitation cards, post cards, posters, catalogs, projections, slideshows, web sites, including but not limited to that of KAUNAS PHOTO festival for unlimited time in unlimited territory without any royalty payments. Entrants accept their responsibility for the right to the image of persons, models, places, objects or trade marks appearing in the pictures submitted to folioPORT for Flâneur on-line portfolio reviews.

folioPORT.eu and KAUNAS PHOTO festival are not agencies or stock photography sites and exercise no activity of direct sales or licensing of the submitted works. All arrangements resulting from on-line portfolio reviews are to be done between photographers or their representatives with the interested parties. folioPORT.eu and KAUNAS PHOTO festival do not limit the photographers’ /artists’ moral or economic rights to promote, broadcast, exhibit, publish and sell their images submitted to the folioPORT.eu & KAUNAS PHOTO festival’s open call for works.



(Lithuania, since 2004) has been a festival of premieres for future stars of contemporary photography. Being a part of Photo Festival Union and Festivals Of Light Organization, KAUNAS PHOTO festival is the longest-running photographic festival in the Baltic states is a platform for dialogue around contemporary photographic creation between North and South, East and West.

Today, more and more competitions (even highly ranked ones), galleries and festivals practice requesting artists to pay for almost every aspect of participation and exhibiting their works – from high entry fees to production of works, travel, accommodation.

If selected to exhibit at KAUNAS PHOTO festival, photographers do not need to make huge investments. In most cases, the works are produced to match site-specific settings, at the expense of the festival. If the artists’ works are available to be transported, are in reasonable distance within the EU and match the general idea of exhibition and space in Kaunas, the festival covers transportation and insurance of works. Hotel accommodation for at least 2 days in Kaunas (at festival’s chosen hotel) is paid, if invited artists are available to be present at exhibition openings or purposely arranged guided tours. The only promise the festival is unable to make, is taking the full travel bill. Therefore, a modest contribution to travel costs is offered to participants of exhibitions. Adapted in 2010, this formula has enabled most artists to be present at KAUNAS PHOTO festival exhibition openings or guided tours, artist talks.

KAUNAS PHOTO festival is in pursuit of perfection in building exhibitions, respect to artists and by welcoming artists, curators and audience, making world-wide photo exchange happen.

For references, please consult a friend who has exhibited in Kaunas and visited his/her exhibition, especially after 2010.


Organiser of the festival: VšĮ Šviesos raštas

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