KAUNAS PHOTO festival exhibitions about Georgia politics and culture life


The 13th international KAUNAS PHOTO festival, since 2014 is continuing its outdoor exhibitions tradition. As every year residents and guests of Kaunas are invited to visit Chechnya square, where till 2016 October month they have an opportunity to visit photojournalist Artūras Morozovas’ photography series of work Georgia 2008.  There is another possibility to visit one more exhibition on 21th of June at 5:00 p.m. The exhibition is based on the same theme about Georgia and is located at Vincas Kudirka’s public library, P. Lukšio st. 60, “Lelo burti. Fight for 16 kg of honour”.


The exhibition of photos at Chechnya square will take visitors back into August of 2008. During that time in Georgia two Russian military detachments crossed South Ossetia region and sparked conflicts which ended that two Georgian regions were annexation by Russia. The series of photography with short descriptions of authors experiences reveal what kind of feelings he had during his journey around Georgia.


The exhibition “Lelo burti. Fight for 16kg of honour” at Vitebskas library introduce visitors with Lelo competition, the sport who was once played all across the country and dating back 300  years.  Now held only in Georgian village of Shukhuti and played once a year at Orthodox Easter. “On the eve of the match the entire village of Shukhuti comes to a service at the local church. The next day, the ball is brought from Tbilisi, where a new ball is sewn every year, filled with sawdust and sand from the village. The ball weights about 16kg. Once the ball is ready, it’s brought to the local church. Two teams play: the objective is to push the ball into the opposing team’s end of the village. Whoever does it first, wins”, tells the author of exhibition A. Morozovas.

Artūras Morozovas started his active work 9 years ago and every time he appears in the centre of the most important events. The best known series of works of this artist are created during the Ukraine conflict, trips in the northern part of Russia and Palestine. During the last few years photographer was making reportages about refugees in Lesbos Island, Greece, Macedonia, Austria and other countries. His photo camera did not skip attacks in Paris. A. Morozovas is constantly travelling all over the world and here is now in Lithuania, where he started creating a new series of works named “Gilyn į Lietuvą”. His strongest sides are intensive work and dedication for it as well as ability to rise problems of the world. Photojournalist earned various awards. His photo works were published in The Guardian, Der Spiegel, Newsweek, DailyMail, Le Nouvel Observateur and in others sources. Images and video footage, captured in Ukraine were used for a documentary film Winter On Fire which is available on NETFLIX. This film was nominated for The Academy Awards, or “Oscars”.

You can find more information about photojournalist Artūras Morozovas here >>