KAUNAS PHOTO 2019 “Digital-Virtual-Real” opening day

On September 5, 2019, KAUNAS PHOTO festival kicked-off with “Digital-Virtual-Real” thematic exhibition openings.

At 5 pm the exhibition was opened in the Museum of Lithuanian Education History. The works of 2 artists are showcased in the Museum:

Diogo Maya (Portugal) “Signs of Life”
Henrik Kam (USA) “Mandalas for Planet Earth”

At 6 pm the exhibition was inaugurated at M. Žilinskas Art Gallery. The Gallery hosts the largest part of the program, featuring 10 international photographers and artists:

Hannes Wiedemann (Germany) “Grinders”
Irina Popova (Russia / The Netherlands) “The Incomplete Princess Book”
Michele Borzoni (Italy) “Workforce. Call Centers + Logistic Centers”
Travis Hodges (UK) “The Quantified Self”
Larson & Shindelman (USA) “Geolocation: #Gratitude”
Heinrich Holtgreve (Germany) “Internet as a place”
Damien Berney (Switzerland) “Scrolldown”
Dávid Biró (Hungary) “Front End”
Elizabeth Claffey (USA) “The Ordinary and the Domestic”
Nigel Dickinson (UK) “China Big Brother”

The day culminated with KAUNAS PHOTO NIGHT at 10 pm in the summer terrace “Laukas”, where projections of photographs were shown and artists participating in the festival talked about their work. 8 international artists visiting the festival presented their works: Agata Wieczorek (Poland), Paulo Simão (Portugal), Kai Löffelbein (Germany), Marko Zink (Austria), Maxime Matthys (Belgium), John Angerson (UK), Irina Popova (Russia / The Netherlands), Diogo Maia (Portugal).

The night concluded with an intriguing live-coding performance. Guoda Kaminskė and Andrius Palivonas shared their musical experiments and hypnotizing visuals accompanied by an electric guitar.

The festival’s opening events resumed the following day with portfolio reviews and “KAUNAS PHOTO STAR 2019 Finalists” exhibition openings across 5 venues in Kaunas old town. The route finished at Kaunas photography gallery with the announcement of the Winner of KAUNAS PHOTO STAR Award.

KAUNAS PHOTO’19 exhibitions can be visited from September 5 to October 6. Outdoor exhibitions are on display until October 31.

Kaunas Photo 2018 | Emanuela Colombo (Italy) “Brazilka”

EXHIBITION Emanuela Colombo “Brazilka”

Opening of the exhibition on September 10th 5 PM.
Multi-functional Study and Science center of Vytautas Magnus University (V. Putvinskio str. 23).

Recently, the district of Brazika has changed very rapidly: old, new or modern apartments are changing old buildings and apartments. Together with changing urbanism, residents, younger generation, the sensation of Brazilka’s myth began to disappear in the old district of Kaunas. Thus, the Italian artist Emanuela Colombo’s residence documented exactly this part of Žaliakalnis: Jonava, Varniai, Žemaičių streets and Savanorių avenue, a part of the district. In creating pictures of romantic images, portraiture of the people, or unexpected contrasts on everyday streets, the artist, in collaboration with the locals, created remarkable shots and returned to memory and memorized the remaining fragments of Brazilka, reminding of the history of the city and our continuous changes.

Emanuela Colombo after graduating in Communication Sciences at IULM in Milan, worked for almost 10 years in purchasing department of several companies in the area. Finally, she realized that it was not for her and decided to dedicate herself to her passion, photography. In 2007 Emanuela attended a Master in “Photography and Visual Design” at NABA in Milan. Since the beginning of 2007 she works with several NGOs to produce reportages, stories about their activities in Italy and abroad. Photographfer published her work on Italian and foreign magazines.

Exhibition on display till October 31.
Working hours: Mon-Fri 8 am – 6 pm

More information: www.kaunasphoto.com
All the events of KAUNAS PHOTO 2018:
Kaunas Photo 2018 | Renginiai – Events

KAUNAS PHOTO invites to check the limits of the comfort zone

On 7th of September, Friday, the XV-th KAUNAS PHOTO Festival invites to visit two exhibition places. At 4pm – Lithuanian Museum of Education History and at 5 PM The opening ceremony of photo exhibitions will take place at the National Art Museum of M. K. Čiurlionis, M. Žilinskas Art Gallery. The organisers of the festival will invite visitors to discover the “Comfort Zone” – the main keynote of KAUNAS PHOTO festival this year.

At the Lithuanian Museum of Education History KAUNAS PHOTO will introduce photography admirers to the work of two authors. In the series “Close to the ground, far from heaven” Polish photographer Michał Adamski will reveal the peculiarities of communities living in the provinces of Poland – their strong connection to traditions and the endless desire to change at the same time. And the second exposition – Turkish Öncü Hrant Gültekin – about the stolen Armenian cemetery.

© Öncü Hrant Gültekin “Stolen Armenian Cemetries”

On the third floor of Mykolas Žilinskas Art Gallery, the KAUNAS PHOTO Festival will present an exhibition dedicated to the world-wide Lithuanian photography “Šeinius + Scheynius”. For the first time there will be displayed Ignas Šeinius photographs that reveal an unknown personality of a Lithuanian diplomat, journalist and writer. Next to these photographs will be the works of the great-granddaughter’s and a famous artist’s Lina Scheynius (Sweden), who will inaudibly argue with the photos of their grandfather’s holiday photographs.

© Lina Scheynius

Visitors will be invited to continue searching of the “Comfort Zone” by visiting the group exhibition “Home Sweet Home” by the authors: Evžen Sobek (Czech Republic), Rubi Lebovitch (Israel), Rebeca Cordero (Mexico), Superultraextra duo: Ewa Bold & Patryk Hadas (Poland) where everyone will grope the motive of nostalgia.

© Rubi Lebovitch “Home Sweet Home”

On the first floor of the gallery, guests will notice the game “Kaunopolis” – the result of KAUNAS PHOTO’S artistic residence, which the Spanish photographer Conchi Martínez has developed in Kaunas in May. We will find unseen, or maybe long ago forgotten places of our city in Kaunas. Poike Stomps, a Dutch photographer’s exhibition “Crossing Europe”, will be located here also.

© Poike Stomps “Crossing Europe”

The exhibition openings will be crowned by the group exhibition “Comfort Zone”. In the series “Wait Wachers” American photographer Haley Morris-Cafiero will be entertaining, but will also invite to the dialogue about bullying culture; Vladimir Antaki (France / Canada) in “Family Portrait” will introduce the war refugees in front of the background of luxury and chaos of the capital of France; Finnish Lasse Lecklin photography “The Most Beautiful Nuclear Power Plants in Europe” will take a tour of Europe and its wondrous nuclear power plants and invite to reflect on one’s comfort zone boundaries; Lithuanian Tadas Kazakevičius “Soon To Be Gone” will force us to think about the fragility of time, and Florian Müller’s (Germany) work “Hashtags Unplugged” will invite you to discuss solitude in a digital social environment.

© Haley Morris-Cafiero “Wait Watchers”

All throughout September, until 13th of October, the KAUNAS PHOTO Festival will entertain with tours in exhibitions, meetings with exhibition artists and guests, and on the evening – with photography projections. Meanwhile, the festival’s photography exhibitions in the open air, opened in the early summer in various Kaunas city public spaces: Joana P Cardozo (USA), “Blueprints, our home is the reflection of ourselves”, at the foot of the Žaliakalnis Funicular Robert Dash (USA) “Micro climate change“, Anup Shah (UK) “Migrations” in the Lithuanian Zoological Garden and Emilija Petrauskienė (Lithuania) in the Botanical Garden of the VMU “Silver Garden” will be open until the end of October. A comprehensive program of festival events is available on the Kaunas Photo website >>

Major sponsors: Lithuanian Council for Culture, Kaunas City Municipality. Sponsors: EPSON, Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden.

KAUNAS PHOTO meninė rezidencija kviečia kauniečius kartu tyrinėti Brazilkos mitą

Sorry, this entry is only available in Lithuanian.

Birželio 10 d., sekmadienį, nuo 11 iki 13 val., Žaliakalnio turgavietėje, Zanavykų g. 25H vyks susitikimas su iš Italijos atvykusia fotomenininke Emanuela Colombo. Fotografė, KAUNAS PHOTO festivalio kvietimu, Kaune atlieka dviejų savaičių trukmės meninę rezidenciją. Menininkė dokumentuoja Žaliakalnio rajono dalį, kauniečių dar žinomą „Brazilkos“ pavadinimu. Susitikimo metu fotografė pristatys ką tik sukurtus darbus, kvies vietos gyventojus ne tik pasidalinti legendomis, nuogirdomis, istorijomis, o gal ir fantazijomis apie „Brazilką“, bet ir surengs turgaus lankytojų fotosesiją. Emanuelos Colombo meninės rezidencijos rezultatai visuomenei bus pristatyti šių metų antroje pusėje.

„Sparčiai keičiantis Kauno miesto paveikslui, intensyviai nyksta senieji jo kvartalai, o su jais palaipsniui iš atminties išsitrina ne tik ypatingas urbanistinis peizažas, bet ir legendomis tapusios istorijos. Viena iš tokių istorijų slypi Žaliakalnio rajono dalyje, vadinamoje „Brazilka“, kurią riboja Jonavos, Varnių, Žemaičių gatvės ir Savanorių prospektas. Šiame žemės plotelyje įsikūrė iš emigracijos Brazilijoje grįžę lietuvaičiai. Jie sekdami Pietų Amerikos favelų kvartalų pavydžiu, dabartinės Jonavos gatvės pašonėje, ėmė statyti nedidelius medinius namelius, kurie ilgainiui sukūrė, daugelio dabar romantišku kvartalu vadinamą, rajoną. Deja medinius lūšnynus palaipsniui „išstumia“ mūriniai statiniai, sparčiai keisdami „Brazilkos“ landšaftą, todėl ypatingai svarbu išsaugoti senąją istoriją ją dokumentuojant. Tikimės, kad Emanuela Colombo bendradarbiaudama su vietos gyventojais sukurs įstabių kadrų ir mūsų atmintį grąžins į medinėmis trobelėmis „apaugusio“ Neries šlaito laikus“, – mintimis dalijosi KAUNAS PHOTO koordinatorė Eglė Tamulynienė.

Emanuela Colombo įgijo komunikacijos mokslų išsilavinimą ir dešimtmetį dirbo pardavimų srityje. 2007 m. ji nusprendė pasiduoti savo didžiausiai gyvenimo aistrai – fotografijai. Įgijusi fotografijos ir vizualiųjų menų magistro diplomą pradėjo dirbti fotografe su keliomis viešosiomis įstaigomis. Emanuela Colombo kuria įvairialypes istorijas apie žmonių gyvenimą Italijoje ir užsienyje, savo fotografijos studijoje fiksuoja gyvūnų ir žmonių portretus. Menininkės darbai buvo publikuoti nacionaliniuose žurnaluose.

KAUNAS PHOTO festivalis užsienio fotomenininkų rezidencijas Kaune rengti pradėjo 2016 m. Naują Kauno ikonografiją 2016 m. kūrė: „The Caravan Gallery“ (JK), Sergiy Lebedynskyy (Ukraina/Vokietija), Henrik Duncker (Suomija), Mariusz Forecki (Lenkija). 2017 m. Kaune rezidavo: Dorota Dawidowicz (Lenkija), Andreas Müller-Pohle (Vokietija) ir Jari Silomäki (Suomija), kurie sukūrė eilę darbų apie Kauno vandenis. 2018 m. meninę rezidenciją Kaune jau atliko iš Ispanijos atvykusi menininkė Conchi Martínez, kuri sukūrė interaktyvų žaidimą „Kaunopolis“.

Fotomeno festivalis KAUNAS PHOTO – ilgiausiai be pertraukų rengiamas kasmetinis tarptautinis fotografijos meno festivalis Lietuvoje ir Baltijos šalyse. Nuo 2004 m. festivalį organizuoja viešoji įstaiga „Šviesos raštas“. Didieji rėmėjai – Lietuvos Kultūros taryba, Kauno miesto savivaldybė. Techninis rėmėjas – EPSON. Festivalis yra pasaulinės „Festivals of Light“ organizacijos narys.

KAUNAS PHOTO guided tour at “Polish Waters”

On 5 of October, Thursday, at 6pm, at gallery “POST” (Laisvės av. 51a) KAUNAS PHOTO festival invites for the guided tour at the exhibition “Polish waters”. The tour will be lead by curator Mindaugas Kavaliauskas. 

KAUNAS PHOTO festival, in collaboration with the Polish Institute in Vilnius and Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw the exhibition “Polish waters” opened on 19 of September. The artists presented are: Tymon Markowski (Bydgoscz) “Flow”, Filip Ćwik (Warsaw) “Sinking Industry”, Krzysztof Racoń (Kraków) “Disappearing lakes”, Dorota Dawidowicz (Warsaw) “Relax”, Adam Wilkoszarski (Poznań) “After Season”, Kuba Kamiński (Varšuva) “Sobering Chamber”, Kacper Kowalski (Gdynia) photography works.

More about works by the authors here >>

Photo reportage from the opening here >>

Free of charge.

KAUNAS PHOTO festival will introduce students to the Lithuanian- Australian photography legend

KAUNAS PHOTO festival, now in it’s 14th edition, starts the educational programme “Olegas Truchanas: Lithuanian and Australian legend” for the regional schools on the 3rd of May. The introduction to the famous Lithuanian expat’s expeditions into the wild of Tasmania and his photographic work focusing on ecology will be presented by the culturologist, ethnographer, traveller Jonas Nekrašius and KAUNAS PHOTO director Mindaugas Kavaliauskas.

Jonas Nekrašius presents Olegas Truchanas in Kražiai Žygimantas Liauksminas high school.

The goals of the educational programme are to introduce the undeservedly unknown photographer to Lithuanian youths, and also nurture their connection to nature, ecological awareness and public spirit. Olegas Truchanas and his merit in the fields of conservation and photography will be presented in a documentary, screened at schools, and followed by a discussion. KAUNAS PHOTO director Mindaugas Kavaliauskas and Jonas Nekrašius will visit five schools: Kražiai Žygimantas Liauksminas high school in Kelmė district, Pakruojis „Žemyna“ secondary school, Joniškis “Aušra” high school, Leipalingis secondary school and Seirijai A.Žmuidzinavičius high school.

Jonas Nekrašius presents Olegas Truchanas in Kražiai Žygimantas Liauksminas high school.

Olegas Truchanas, the most famous Lithuanian- Australian, was born in Šiauliai in 1923 and died in 1972 during the photographic expedition in Tasmania. He moved to Australia after the second world war and and then settled in Tasmania. His passion for traveling and exploring extended into his photographic practice, which he then used to educate and raise ecological awareness. Whilst still in Lithuania, Olegas learned to care and look after every part of nature, however in Australia at the time nature was seen as a resource to be used. His day job was at a company building hydroelectric power plants, however he dedicated all of his spare time for the care and conservation of Tasmanian landscape, at least through photography. His job didn’t allow him to publicly speak out against the hydroelectric power plants and the effect it has on the landscape. However Olegas Truchanas travelled around the country organizing events, where he would project his photographic slides accompanied by dramatic music, and these were attended by thousands of people. The legend was born.

Mindaugas Kavaliauskas emphasizes that the Olegas Truchanas story is unique, because stunning nature photographs started a powerful community movement, that changed the public view on ecology and conservation, set up nature reserves, and even influenced the change of political powers in Tasmania.

Presentation on Olegas Truchanas in Kražiai Žygimantas Liauksminas high school.

KAUNAS PHOTO photography festival organizes photography workshops for schools second year in a row. Complimenting the annual programme of exhibitions by Lithuanian and international artists, public lectures, talks by photographers, critics, collectors and curators and guided tours, these creative workshops provide practical knowledge about photography as well as nurture creativity, consciousness and communal spirit.

KAUNAS PHOTO is the longest- running annual photography festival in Lithuania and the Baltic States. It is organised by the NGO „Šviesos raštas“ since 2004. KAUNAS PHOTO is one of the most important annual art events in the country. KAUNAS PHOTO is a member of Festival Of Light organisation and works with the Federation of European Photographers. Main sponsors: Lithuanian Culture Council, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, Kaunas city council. Patron of the festival is President Valdas Adamkus.