KAUNAS PHOTO festival welcomes the first artist in residence

KAUNAS PHOTO starts it’s residency programme in the month leading up to the festival opening. Invited by the festival team, the first resident Andreas Müller-Pohle, an accomplished photographer from Germany, arrived on the 3rd of August. He will explore Kaunas rivers and other local bodies of water for a week.

Andreas Müller-Pohle arrived to Kaunas with his assistant Jhoane Baterna-Pateña. His goal is to document the meeting of two largest Lithuanian rivers: Neris and Nemunas, as well as other waters like Kaunas Reservoir, Lampėdis lake. Known for his distinct style, Andreas Müller Pohle photographs water not from the shore, but from within them, creating visually stunning images. His photographs often depict the meeting of natural and urban landscapes, reflecting on the familiar environment.

The works created during this residency will be presented in an outdoor exhibition from mid September on the former “Merkurijus” fence at the crossing of Laisves avenue and S.Daukantas street.

Andreas Müller Pohle’s lens slices the water to reveal the landscape underneath and above it simultaneously. His epic series, made in 2005, followed Danube river from Black Forest to Black Sea, also incorporated collected chemical data: nitrates, phosphates, heavy metals and other chemical elements. The artist lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He is a founder of „European Photography“ magazine, that’s been covering contemporary photography and new media since 1979. In 2001 he was awarded a Reind M. De Vries prize for European Photography. Andreas is an author of numerous texts on photography theory. His works have been published and exhibited extensively, and are part of various private and museum colections.

KAUNAS PHOTO is also awaiting two other artists coming to do residencies in August and September. Finnish photographer Jari Silomäki and Polish artist Dorota Dawidowicz will explore the waters and communities around Kaunas.